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Hyderabadi Vegetarian Thali — Vegetable Biryani Recipe

BM# 74: Week 3/ Day 3 Theme: Thalis/ Spreads Dish: Hyderabadi Vegetarian Thali For the final day of this week’s BM under Thalis & Spreads, I have a delectable Hyderabadi Vegetarian Thali. This spread is inspired from Vaishali’s Hyderabadi thali, but mine has about 5 dishes less than hers. Vaishali is the queen of creating amazing thalis/…

Spicy Coconut Rice (Masala Kobbari Annam)

Recipe to make Masala coconut rice. It is a spicy version of regular coconut rice with some added masalas as well. It is great to pack for lunch boxes and is special enough to serve for guests too. My only addition is fried tofu on top to add some protein to the dish. You can even add paneer or cooked chickpeas or other beans instead. It doesn’t need any side dish and can be served with some papad and raita or plain yogurt.

Pumpkin Rice for Thanksgiving (Arroz con Calabaza — Vegan Recipe)

Blogging Marthon# 46: Week 1/ Day 1 Theme: Festival Special — Thanksgiving Dish: Pumpkin Rice/ Arroz con Calabaza We are starting a new edition of Blogging Marathon today and my theme for this week is ‘Festival Special. Since it’s November and we are only few weeks away from Thanksgiving, I decided to make some easy Vegetarian dishes for the occasion. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the United States. It is the day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. The holiday’s history in North…

Quick Paneer Pulao (Pressure Cooker Method)

We are celebrating Sapana’s Virtual Baby Shower’ today. Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the family is a very exciting time for the whole family and especially to the mom. So Sapana, here’s wishing you ‘All the very best for the new arrival’. So our BM group decided to cook from Sapana to celebrate her Virtual Baby Shower. I picked a simple one-pot dish, Paneer Pulao from Sapana’s blog. This dish was a hit with my family. I made minor changes to the original recipe to suit for taste preference. Recipe adapted from Sapana’s blog here: