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Malai Sandesh and a blog Anniversary

Blogging Marathon# 40: Week 3/ Day 3 Theme: Unused BM# 39 posts Dish: Malai Sandesh For the final day of this week’s marathon, I made a simple, yet decadent dessert from West Bengal. When I jotting down dishes for Bengal, I was only thinking about sweets/ desserts since it was going to be the last day of the mega marathon and also Bengali dessert are to die for. I had about 4~5 desserts that I really wanted to try. After making Lobong Lathika and this Malai Sandesh, I still have couple more that I really really want to make some…


Eggless Chocolate Cake with Jam for a Celebration

May is a month of celebration in my real home and also in my virtual home. It happens to be my birthday month (yup.. I’m a tough Taurean 🙂 ) and of course there’s Mother’s day celebrations. It is also my blog anniversary month — Cook’s Hideout has completed 7 years of blogging. Blogging years seem to me like dog years. There are a quite a few blogs that were active at one time, but are no longer virtually alive. I feel like a veteran among many new and upcoming food bloggers. I have to thank my family for their…

Grilled Eggplant Sandwich with Tomato Pesto (Chutney)

This month, my blog completed 6 years. I wanted to celebrate by making some sweet, as is the Indian tradition, but lack of time has let me down. But I wanted to celebrate in my own way by making my favorite eggplant sandwich (you know I’m all about simple pleasures :0) ). Actually I was looking for recipes to make for Dish It Out: Eggplant &Tomatoes event and this one seemed like the perfect fit for both the event and the celebration. This is a very simple sandwich with toasted bread spread (rather generously) with the tomato pesto (chutney) and…

Mango Ice Cream and a Birthday

Cook’s Hideout completed 5 years this month. I created this blog as a hobby and a way to document my cooking trial and errors and I’m happy that I’m able to do just that even today. I’ve met so many incredible food bloggers along the way in the past few years and I’ve more virtual friends than actual real-life friends. I think about some of them who have stopped blogging over the years and wonder what they are up to now. I have to thank Srivalli for organizing the blogging marathons that keeps me on my toes and makes me…

Cook’s Hideout Turns 3

Wednesday Night around 6:30PM: Husband: You look really tired. Do you want to order pizza or have some Chinese take-out? Wife: Oh.. no. today I’ve to make that Aloo baingan for Cook with me: Potato event. It’s already past due, but sweet Jane agreed to accept my entry. Saturday Night around 8:00PM, husband and wife coming back from shopping. Husband: Its dinner time already, why don’t we stop by Olive Garden or Chili’s and have dinner?