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CheeseCake Frozen Yogurt

For the last day of the marathon under the “Calcium Rich dishes” theme I made this decadent cheese cake flavored frozen yogurt. Yogurt and milk are great sources of Calcium. Here’s the Calcium content of the ingredients used: Greek Yogurt (1 cup – 25% DV), 2% Milk (1 cup – 297mg), Mascarpone cheese (1 oz. – 3% DV). There are a number of specialized stores that sell Frozen Yogurt propping up everywhere these days. Our latest family favorite is a “Cups”. They have self serve frozen yogurts in about 20 flavors and have ton of toppings to experiment with. I…


Spinach, Black Beans & Cheese Enchiladas

Today’s Calcium-rich dish is a very creamy, filling and delicious Mexican dish: Spinach, Black bean & cheese filled tortillas baked with creamy enchilada sauce and more cheese until gooey. This is a great make ahead dish — make the filling, roll it up in the tortillas, pour in the sauce – freeze at this stage and when ready, bake until cheese melts and everything is heated through. Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart’s site. Original recipe had a no-cook filling, but I cooked them briefly. Cheese is a great source of calcium along with Spinach & beans. Calcium content of the…


Brown Rice – Vegetable Bowl with Tahini Dressing

We start the 4th and last week of Blogging marathon for this month today. My theme for this week is “Calcium Rich Foods”. Here’s some information to know about Calcium intake. Calcium is the most vital mineral for strong bones. It is also essential for blood clotting, muscle contraction, and nerve function. If we don’t take in enough calcium, our body uses the calcium reserves in our bones to supply the muscles, heart and nerves. So it’s important that we take the required daily dosage of calcium — milk and other dairy provide over 50% of dietary calcium, it is…