Gujarati Khichdi

Blogging Marathon# 49: Week 1/ Day 1 Theme: Weekend Brunch Recipes Dish: Gujarati Khichdi My theme for the first week of this month’s marathon is ‘Brunch Recipes’. Brunch should be hearty and filling, but not too filling that it is going to make you take an early afternoon nap. Also since we are skipping breakfast to eat brunch, it should be nutritious enough to keep you going and charged for at least 3~4 hours. With all those in mind, here’s a one pot dish that is sure to keep you full and energized until the next meal. Being a south…

Darbari Dal (Revisitng Recipe)

Blogging Marathon# 45: Week 4/ Day 1 Theme: Revisiting Old Recipes Dish: Darbari Dal We are starting our final week of blogging marathon today and I picked a seemingly easy theme, Revisiting Old recipes. But it was quite a tough task picking just 3 dishes to revisit from my archives. This blog has been around for more than 8 years and there are ton of dishes that need some TLC. So after browsing through the blog for a very very long time I decided on 3 dishes that I wanted to remake and take some new pics.