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Whole wheat Banana Chocolate-Chip Muffins

I made these banana chocolate chip muffins couple of months ago and they were a hit with the kids. I have bananas at home all the time and the last couple overripe ones are the most neglected ones. So I’m looking for recipes to use them up. This recipe is from King Arthur Flour’s ‘Whole Grain Baking’ cookbook.The best thing about this recipe is that it uses ultra ripe mottled bananas which is usually what I end up after a week of eating bananas. Also these are made with 100% Whole wheat flourThese muffins are very moist and pleasantly dense.It…


Pistachio Cake (eggless recipe)

Blogging Marathon# 36: Week 2/ Day 3 Theme: Travel Food Dish: Dessert — Pistachio Cake (Almost Vegan) It has been a busy weekend with an early Sankranthi celebrations at my cousin’s place. It was fun getting the kids dressed up and rounding them up for Bhogi pallu. Trying to keep the traditions alive. Today’s recipe has nothing to do with Sankranti, but is related to travel. Desserts for travel become very important when kids are involved. I wouldn’t probably think of desserts when just me and my husband are travelling, but they become essential when kids are around. I usually…


Whole Wheat Challah Bread (Eggless recipe)

For this month’s Home Baker’s Challenge, our host Priya Ranjit very aptly chose Holiday Bakes. She gave us recipes for holiday cookies, cakes and breads to choose from. As usual when I saw the list I wanted to bake 2 or 3 recipes and as usual I ran out of time. But I’m glad I found time to bake at least one from the list and I’ll try to bake a few more before the end of the year. We had a snow storm yesterday (all that white in the background is snow in the next picture) and as luck…


Pumpkin Cake Muffins (Eggless Recipe)

I wanted to use up some of the pumpkin puree I had left after making a dessert for Thanksgiving (recipe for Individual no-bake pumpkin pie coming up soon). I browsed through Pinterest board and found these delicious Pumpkin Cake doughnuts recipe from King Arthur Flour. I don’t have a standard size doughnut pan, so I made them into muffins instead. Also since I only had 1cup of pumpkin puree left, I adjusted the quantitiesof the ingredients accordingly. Original recipe had 3 eggs and with my downsizing the recipe I had to use 2 which I comfortably substituted with egg replacer…