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Behind the scenes of Food Photography

Blogging Marathon# 42: Week 3/ Day 3 Theme: Misc Food Related — Behind the Food Photos Topic: Behind the scenes of Food photography After getting the backgrounds and props ready, it is time to take the photos of your yummy food. First thing to consider is the Lighting. Here’s a previous post where I talked a little bit about Lighting. Finding good natural or artificial light is absolutely critical for food photography.

Props for Food Photography

Blogging Marathon# 42: Week 3/ Day 2 Theme: Misc Food Related — Behind the Food Photos Topic: Props Props used in a food photo can really make or break a food photo. A well styled and presented photo is a definite plus to any food blog. Props include your serve ware, napkins and everything else that is used in the photo. I am always amazed how some bloggers have the eye for styling their pictures. The whole setup looks well thought of and the props are placed in strategic locations drawing the eye exactly to the main attraction or the…

Backgrounds for Food Photography

Blogging Marathon# 42: Week 3/ Day 1 Theme: Misc Food Related — Behind the Food Photos Topic: Food photography Backgrounds We are starting our 3rd week of blogging marathon today and I took up an interesting theme that doesn’t involve cooking. I am going to try and show you what goes behind the scenes in my house after the food is cooked and before the clicks are taken. First day is all about backgrounds that I use in my food photography and how you can make them at home. When I started blogging in the pre-historic times (if you really…

Eggless Black Forest Cake

Blogging Marathon# 33: Week 3/ Day 3 Theme: Eggless Cakes Dish: Eggless Black Forest Cake For the third day of BM# 33, we are celebrating my husband’s birthday with an eggless Black Forest Cake. He was travelling on his actual birthday, so we are celebrating it over the weekend. Black forest cake brings back fond memories of enjoying time with family and friends back home. This was the usual pastry that we used to order at a bakery next to our school and this was also our favorite cake to order for birthdays and other occasions. Cool cakes, like this…

Banana Rose Milkshake (Bloggers’ Buzz Photography Assignment)

This is our first assignment for Bloggers’ Buzz Photography Club (#BBPC). We are required to take a photo of any food item using diffused Side lighting. Here’s my attempt at doing it. Since this is a food photography assign post, the actual post is really short with lots of pictures, so please bear with me. Thank you :0) This is Banana Rose Milkshake that I made at least 3 times a week this summer. I saw the recipe on Hari Chandana’s blog and loved it so much that I bought a big bottle of rose syrup from Indian store just…

Basic Set up for Food Photography

Blogging Marathon# 31: Week 4/ Day 1 Theme: Moderator’s Choice/ Behind the Scenes of a Click Dish: Banana Bread Oatmeal We start the final week of Blogging Marathon today and my theme for this week is ‘Moderator’s Choice’. Our moderator, Valli, gave us 5 themes to choose from. For the first day I chose to show you behind the scenes of one of my click, Banana bread Oatmeal.