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Dhokli nu Shaak (Gujarati dish for ICC)

For this month’s ‘Indian Food Challenge’, Valli gave us a fairly easy dish to make. It is a delicious yogurt based gravy that has besan cakes dunked in it. The minute I saw her announcement, I mentally made a note to make it, but slowly time flew right by and then this morning I saw Valli’s email that her ICC post is up. It was only then I realized that I almost forgot about the event. Thankfully I had all the ingredients on hand and my husband is travelling, so I can have a field day with yogurt based dishes…


Manapparrai Murukku for ICC

We are travelling south to Tamil Nadu for this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge. I am amazed by the variation of snacks we have across the country, with just a few changes in the ingredients and the method of preparation — we end up with so many different type of snacks. When I saw that Valli has a murukku recipe for this month, I was a little disappointed that we are going to make just another murukku recipe, but I was pleasantly surprised how just a few changes can make such a big difference. These murukkus are fried twice instead of…


Amritsari Aloo Kulcha (Potato Stuffed Indian Bread) for ICC

For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge (ICC), Valli wanted us to make an Indian bread, Amritsari Aloo Kulcha. After the April mega marathon where explored the dishes from all the Indian states, I’ve decided not to skip any ICC editions because it is a good opportunity to learn regional dishes from different parts of India. Also Valli always makes it a point to challenge us to try dishes that are unique and tries to get authentic recipes of the same. This month’s challenge fit right into our meal plan. While my in-laws were here we ate rotis at least 3~4…


Uppu Seedai

We are making Uppu Seedai. a Tamil Nadu specialty for this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge. Valli gave us 2 recipes to choose from, one from Sharmi’s blog and another from her friend’s mother. These seedai are traditionally made for Gokulashtami. These crispy and crunchy rice flour balls are very addictive and we couldn’t stop eating them. The main concern with making this snack is the bursting of the seedai in the oil. Reasons could the moisture in the seedai before frying, seedai rolled too tight and any improperly ground particles in the flour. Luckily my seedai preparation went without any…


Mohanthal for ICC (Gujarati Besan-Mawa Burfi)

Valli picked a simple and delicious Gujarati special sweet for this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge (ICC). I am a big fan of burfis/ fudges because they are easy to make and don’t need too many ingredients. Today’s burfi is a Gujarati special and is made with besan, mawa/ khoya, sugar and nuts. This sweet is very simple to make and can be done in less than an hour. Only complicated thing involved is to know when the burfi reaches the right consistency. I took it out of the pan a few seconds early and the burfi didn’t set and was…


Instant Mango Pickle with Mustard & Jaggery for ICC

This month’s Indian Cooking Challenge is a quick and easy to make ‘Instant Mango Pickle with Mango & Jaggery’. Varada shared her mom’s pickle recipe for all of us to try. I made it yesterday and it tasted great. I made panchadhara avakaya with sugar and roasted mustard and fenugreek seeds. But this pickle has jaggery for sweetness and the spices used are not roasted. The pickle was not overly sweet, it is subtly sweet and you can definitely taste it in the background but it is not overwhelming. My husband’s been eating it for every meal since I made…