A Vegetarian Indian Thali

Blogging Marathon# 40: Week 4/ Day 3 Theme: Bookmarked recipes from BM# 39 Dish: Indian Thali So for the last day of the marathon, I created a thali with some of the recipes that I bookmarked from last month’s mega marathon. Indian thali usually consists of a Bread, Rice dish, a dry curry, a gravy curry, chutney and something sweet to end the meal. Most of the dishes in this thali are from the North Eastern states of India. To be honest, I had no idea about the eating habits or the popular dishes from any of the North Eastern…

Tomato Chutney from Tripura & Green Chili Chutney from Mizoram

Mosdeng Serma from Tripura: This was one of the simplest tomato chutney recipes I have ever made, with very few ingredients; tomatoes, onions, garlic and chilies. We can taste all of the ingredients in the chutney which are otherwise weighed down by tamarind and the tempering that are usually added in South Indian style chutneys. This chutney can be eaten with rice, roti or even as a sandwich spread. Recipe adapted from PJ. Hmarcha Rawt — Roasted Green Chili Chutney from Mizoram: I actually wanted to make this chutney for Mizoram, but changed my mind and made this simple steamed…

Panch Phoron Tarkari & Kulath ki Dal

Kulath ki Dal from Uttarakand: Horsegram is a completely new ingredient for me. I bought it just before April’s Mega marathon in the hopes of using it in one of the dishes, but I didn’t use it for any of the dishes. But luckily I found quite a few interesting recipes using it and here I am with the very first dish I made with Horsegram. This dal is from Uttarakand and it is a very simple and earthy dish which is very mildly spiced. Using rice flour makes the dish thick and creamy. Recipe from Valli and Vaishali.

A-Z Culinary Journey through Indian States Recap (Indian Food Odyssey Recap)

Indian Food Odyssey is a culinary journey through the Indian states and selected union territories. It has been quite a journey, I have to say, that I thoroughly enjoyed taking. A lot of Googling, Wikipedia reading went into this. Here’s a recap of the 30 dishes I made for this series: Andhra Pradesh — Madatha Kaaja: Arunachal Pradesh — Thukpa:

Uttar Pradesh — Nimona (Green Pea & Potato Curry)

Blogging Marathon# 39 – Indian States: Day 28 State: Uttar Pradesh Dish: Nimona (Green Peas & Potato Curry) We are almost at the home stretch now, only 2 more days to go and we will be done with our month long marathon exploring the Indian States. Today we are going to Uttar Pradesh or UP for short, located in northern India. UP was home to powerful empires of ancient and medieval India, including Magadha, Gupta, Mughal and Nawabs of Awadh. UP is a very touristy place with a number of historical, natural and religious tourist destinations. We visited UP twice…

Sikkim — Vegetarian Momos

Blogging Marathon# 39 – Indian States: Day 25 State: Sikkim Dish: Vegetarian Momos Sikkim is a state in northeastern India located in the Himalayan mountains. The state is bordered by Nepal to the west, Tibet to the north and east, Bhutan to the east and West Bengal to the south. Sikkim is the least populous state in India and it is the only state with an ethic Nepali majority. Because of the close proximity to Nepal and Tibet, Sikkim cuisine is highly infuenced by both of those cuisines. Sikkimese are traditionally rice eaters. Meat and dairy products are also consumed…

Rajasthani Vegetarian Thali

Rajasthan — Lunch Thali

Hearty and delicious Rajasthani Vegetarian Thali with Appetizer — Dal Pakoda
Breads — Missi Roti & Tawa pudi
Rice & accompaniments to go with rice — White rice with Kale Chana ki Kadhi
Curries: Panchmel Subzi, Subz Jaipuri, Dhana wadi/ Mung wadi cilantro curry
Sweets or Desserts: Goond ki Ladoo
Drinks: Chaas and Kesar Malai Lassi

Pondicherry — Pori Kuzhambu or Pathiya Kuzhambu

Blogging Marathon# 39 – Indian States: Day 22 State: Pondicherry Dish: Pori Kuzhambu or Pathiya Kuzhambu Today, we are going south to Puducherry, formerly known as Pondicherry, is a Union territory in India. The French acquired Pondicherry in 1674 and held control, with occasional interruption from the Britsih and Dutch, until 1954, when it was incorporated into the Indian Union along with the rest of India. I have a long association with Pondicherry, not directly but indirectly. I went to Aurobindo school in Hyderabad which was founded based on the principles and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Pondicherry…

Orissa Sweet Khichdi

Orissa — Mitha Khechudi & Mitha Dali

Blogging Marathon# 39 – Indian States: Day 21 State: Orissa Dish: Mitha Khechudi & Mitha Dali (Sweet Khichdi with Sweet Dal) Today we are going to Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, located in the east coast of India. Orissa shares a border with Andhra Pradesh, but I never had a chance to visit it. My dad went there for work years ago and brought back a souvenir from Konark Sun Temple. I’ve seen his pictures at Puri Jagannath temple and Bhubaneshwar. That’s the most I knew about Orissa. Odisha has culinary tradition spanning centuries. I was really surprised to read…

Nagaland — Betang Meh (Kidney Beans with mustard greens & ginger)

Blogging Marathon# 39 – Indian States: Day 20 State: Nagaland Dish: Betang Meh (Kidney Beans with mustard greens & ginger) Fourth North eastern sate in a row, today we are going to Nagaland. Nagaland is one of the smallest states in India. Nagaland is largely mountainous state. There are 16 main tribes in Nagaland and each tribe has its own unique language, customs and cooking styles. Naga cuisine features meats and fish, which are often smoked, dried or fermented. A typical Naga table consists of a meat dish, a boiled vegetable dish or two, rice and a chutney. Some common…