Five Grain Cereal with Dried Fruit

For Day 2 of BM# 16 I made this healthy and delicious 5-grain cereal with dried fruits. We just came back from our vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and I can’t seem to forget the oats that I ate for breakfast in the resort for almost everyday. It was just simple cooked oats and they would add your favorite toppings on it — either fresh berries/ dried fruits/ nuts etc. It was very filling and would keep me going until afternoon. So when we got back I wanted to make something similar but more hearty and healthy. I…

Pancakes with Sweet Potatoes

I’ve been thinking on what to make for Kid’s Delight-Deceptively Delicious event going on in my blog. My 4 year old used to be very flexible and would eat everything that I gave him, but nowadays he’s become a little picky and unpredictable which is why I try to add healthy ingredients to foods that he enjoys and wouldn’t notice the “other” stuff that’s in it. He loves pancakes for breakfast, so I sneaked in some sweet potato puree into the yeasted pancake batter that i was making this weekend to boost their nutrition and they turned out delicious too….

Homemade Granola-Healthy Start to the New Year

Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday season. To start the New Year on a healthy note, I’ve two easy granola recipes. I gave Granola as Holiday give-away gifts this year to my co-workers and everyone seemed to like them, so I’m glad that I took time to make some home-made granola instead of buying things that I’m not if they are going to use or not. Quick & Easy Granola: First granola I made is extremely easy and I just followed the most basic granola formula-Grains+Seeds/Nuts+Mixings+Dry fruit+Sweetener+Flavoring. So here’s how I made this simple granola: When I saw this recipe in…

Quick Weekday Breakfast: Swiss Oats

I don’t like making elaborate breakfasts on a weekday morning. The maximum I can do is toast some bread and make peanut butter & jelly sandwich or a nutella sandwich (which is my absolute favorite). So 90% of the time, our breakfast consists of bread in some form or the other. On the other 10%, I take a small bottle of soymilk with me to work to have it with cereal (I have a ziplock bag with cereal always at work for breakfast or snack time). When I saw this recipe on Zonya Health Bite on PBS, I wanted to…

Walnut-Raisin Flapjack

These bars are full of whole grains which makes it healthy and filling. AND they are easy and quick to make. Recipe is from Vegetarian Bible by Sarah Brown. Recipe adapted from Vegetarian Bible These bars are great as an afternoon treat that keeps you going till dinner. This is my entry to Sunday Snacks- Grab n Go being hosted this time around by Pallavi @ All Thingz Yummy. Check out DK’s wonderful Cranberry & Oats Bars.