Makhani Paneer Biryani

Blogging Marathon# 48: Week 3/ Day 3 Theme: Biryani of different Styles Dish: Makhani Paneer Biryani Here’s a delicious biryani made with paneer for all paneer and biryani fans. Paneer is cooked with tomatoes, spices and some cream to make a lip smacking curry that is layered with basmati rice and then baked off (or cooked on dum) for an awesome tasting biryani that is sure to wow anyone.

Kashmiri Paneer Tikka Masala (Vegetarian recipe)

Blogging Marathon# 45: Week 2/ Day 3 Theme: North Indian Side dishes Dish: Kashmiri Tikka Masala After making Lucknowi dal and Punjabi Kadhi Pakora for the first 2 days of North Indian side dishes, for the final day this week’s BM, I made a spicy Kashmiri Paneer Tikka masala. I actually made all of the dishes on the same day and they can all be served together as part of a North Indian meal/ thali along with simple jeera rice or roti.

Quick Paneer Pulao (Pressure Cooker Method)

We are celebrating Sapana’s Virtual Baby Shower’ today. Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the family is a very exciting time for the whole family and especially to the mom. So Sapana, here’s wishing you ‘All the very best for the new arrival’. So our BM group decided to cook from Sapana to celebrate her Virtual Baby Shower. I picked a simple one-pot dish, Paneer Pulao from Sapana’s blog. This dish was a hit with my family. I made minor changes to the original recipe to suit for taste preference. Recipe adapted from Sapana’s blog here:

Palak Paneer (Curried Spinach & Cottage Cheese)

Palak Paneer is probably one dish that is on ALL Indian restaurant menu cards around the world. Restaurant can be South Indian, North Indian or any Indian cuisine at all, I’m sure all of them have Saag Paneer or Palak Paneer on their menu. It is that famous and if you are an Indian food aficionado, you probably tasted it at least once. There are quite a few recipes on the internet for palak paneer. Each one using different spice blends and some blend the spinach to a paste and some use it just as is. I like my palak…

Haryana — Bajre ki Roti & Paneer Do Pyaza

Blogging Marathon# 39 – Indian States: Day 9 State: Haryana Dish: Bajre ki Roti & Paneer Do Pyaza Haryana is a state in North India. It came into existence on 1 November 1966 as a newly created state carved out of Punjab state on the basis of language. Haryana is a leading contributor to the country’s production of foodgrain and milk. Agriculture is the leading occupation for the residents of the state. Cuisine: Haryana’s cuisine is very similar to that of Punjab, since it was a part of Punjab. With the availability of milk in abundance, milk products like paneer…

Paneer Veggie Curry in Coconut milk Gravy

Did you know that this week, October 13 – 19 is National Curry Week in the UK? Who you would have thought that there is even such a thing as curry week. Well, it is good news to food bloggers like us – yet another reason to cook up something yummy for your family. I saw the lovely ladies @ Blogger’s buzz team announce about the ‘Curry week’ on Facebook and really wanted to join in the fun. What’s not to love about curry?? After looking through my bookmarks, I found this Paneer-Vegetable Stew recipe from Ecurry. It seemed to…

Potato Paneer Methi Curry (Alu Paneer Methi Curry)

Blogging Marathon# 29: Week 2/ Day 1 Theme: Pick 2 Ingredients & Cook from a Book Ingredients/ Book: Paneer & Greens/ 660 Curries Dish: Potato Paneer Methi Curry (Alu Paneer Methi Curry) My theme for this week’s BM is ‘Cook from a Book’. But to make the theme a little more challenging Valli asked us to pick 2 ingredients from a list and then find a recipe from a cookbook. I got lucky and found the recipes quite easily this time (unlike the last time).