British style Scones with Currants Recipe

BM# 75: A-Z Bake Around the World: Day 19 Bake of the Day: S for Scones (British style Scones) Country: Britain Scones are pastries or quick breads that use baking powder as leaving agent. They got their start in Scotland and were originally made with oats and griddle-baked. the modern version of scones are made with…

Cranberry-Pistachio Cream Scones

Bake-a-thon 2014: Day 4 Bake of the day: Cranberry Pistachio Cream Scones I actually posted the recipe for these cream scones a while back already, but they are such a big hit with everyone who taste them, I’m posting them again today. The add-ins for these scones can be customized to ones taste preferences. I thought Cranberries and pistachios are a great combo for the holiday season. I recently bought a scone pan which makes making uniform and even size scones much easier. But simply patting the dough down and cutting it into equal sized wedges will also suffice.

Cream Scones with Chocolate & Coconut

For Day 4 of BM# 16, I made these scrumptious cream scones for breakfast. Scones are British quick breads that are leavened by baking powder. They are quick to make and need cold butter & cream, so they can be made in the morning for breakfast with no prior prepping.Recipe is adapted from Everyday Food Magazine. Scones are best eaten the day they are baked. To make ahead, freeze unbaked scones in a single layer and then store in a zip-top bag for up to 2 months. To bake, brush frozen scones with cream, sprinkle with sugar and bake at…

Scallions & Cheese Scones

It has been a long time since I took part in Nicole’s Taste & Create event and decided to sign up when Min @ Bad Girl’s Kitchen asked for participants. For this month I got paired with Corina @ Searching for Spice. Corina has a ton of great dishes from all over the world, but I narrowed down to these spicy and yummy looking Cheese scones with chili kick. I added some finely chopped green onions and used jack cheese with veggies. Also to make them a little healthy, I added some whole wheat pastry flour as well.Here’s Corina’s original…

Soda Bread Scones

I don’t make elaborate breakfasts. Breakfast to me is something quick and easy, nothing fancy and not more than one dish to clean (which happens to be the dish I ate in). But this weekend, I made an exception and decided to make something special for us. I made some Soda Bread Scones and we had them with some vegan butter and homemade mango-raspberry jam. I found the recipe in Vegetarian times magazine. It has vegan with no-fat what-so-ever and is quick and easy to make too. Recipe adapted from Vegetarian Times