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My Top Essential Summer Cookout Must Haves

Man Crates is a very unique company that delivers awesome gifts to men in custom wooden crates. Their mission is to end the difficulties in finding a gift for men. I can totally relate to that because I’m never sure what to buy for my husband. One glance at their site tells you that they have very interesting gifts and I’m especially impressed with the Zombie Annihilation Crate, that might be what my husbands gets as his next gift 🙂 Man crates reached out to me to do a post about my favorite must-haves are for a summer cookout. Since…

Kid’s Delight Event Announcement – Deceptively Delicious

I am sure most of you would agree that you would prefer a healthy brownie with beets/ spinach in it instead of a bowl of salad greens. I know I definitely would. Brownie to me means rich, decadent and it does not matter if it is made with healthy ingredients and is completely raw. It’s the look and feel of the food that we are so used to that matter most. The same is true for kid’s foods. I’ll bet my son would rather eat that brownie without complaining than eat just beets & spinach as sides. So for this…

Blogging Bites: Holiday Buffet

I’m doing one post with all the recipes that I’ve bookmarked and tried for Nupur’s Blog Bites: Holiday Buffet event. Hold your belts tight as this is going to be one tummy filling buffet. Breakfast Granola: Nupur’s Chocolate-Cherry Granola: I gave Homemade granola to my co-workers for Christmas this year and I made 3 batches of different granola including this festive & yummy Chocolate-Cherry granola. (See the recipes for the other 2 granolas here). Appetizer & Dip:

Sneak into my Kitchen

I haven’t participated in a blog event in a very very long time. I intend to participate and a make a note about all the events I come across in a little diary, but hmm.. how do I say this.. I guess I never go back to check my notes and hence miss the event deadlines. My new resolution for the last quarter of the year (Can you believe we are almost at the end of ANOTHER year) is to make as many new dishes as I can and participate in as many blog events as I can. That reminds…