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Vegan Mofo Day 30: Last Day

Vegan Mofo Day 30: It’s the end of Vegan Mofo today and I don’t have a dish to post about. I think I was fairly successful: we were expected to post every weekday of the month, or about 20 posts in the month. I had 21 posts this month vs 1 post for October, I think I did extremely well. Got to know some talented Vegan bloggers and will be visiting them often now. I am going to miss Vegan Mofo, as it kept me going with the cooking, taking pictures and posting. I hope to keep the momentum going…


Green Beans curry

Vegan Mofo Day 29: I usually buy frozen green beans and avoid the fresh ones since in fresh ones need time and patience for prep, which I don’t usually have. But when I saw this huge bag of fresh green beans for less than $1.50, I couldn’t help but buy a bag. But my husband ended up prepping them for me. He stringed and chopped them into tiny dice while watching football game (now that is called multi tasking, I wish he could do that more often).


Tofu Balls with Spaghetti

Vegan Mofo Day 28: It is quite depressing that the long weekend is almost over and as usual it felt too short. For today’s lunch I made these yummy tofu balls and served them over whole wheat spaghetti. Recipe is from The Ultimate book of Vegan Cooking by Tony & Yvonne Bishop-Weston. Tofu balls are quite delicate and need to be cooked and turned very gently. Nudge the balls gently from the bottom when turning. They tend to stick to the pan, so it is very important they are lifted gently. (I know I said it too many times in…


No Knead Swedish Cardamom Bread

Vegan Mofo Day 27: This is the recipe for the Holiday Braid Bread I had mentioned in my Thanksgiving post. Recipe is from Vegetarian Times magazine and has won 1st place in “Holiday flavors around the world contest” and I can say that this recipe deserves to win the 1st place, hands down. The winner, Celia Ozereko, modified an old Swedish family recipe by getting rid of all the eggs and butter and making it a no-knead bread. It tastes amazing, we polished off half the loaf in one sitting. It is slightly sweet with a nice spicy kick from…


Café Con Leche Flan

Vegan Mofo Day 26: Did any of you (in the US) go out for shopping today? I woke up my husband 7:00AM and asked him if he wanted to go, he said he’s too busy sleeping, so I dozed off too for another hour of sleep. Well we did end up in Walmart around noon to buy toothpaste for our little one and it looked like a carnival in the Electronics section. Every cart we saw had a flat screen TV, my husband was tempted to buy one, but knowing our three year old, who talks to TV and hi-fi’s…


Happy Thanksgiving and some upcoming Recipes

Vegan Mofo Day 25: Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. As for me, our little family celebrated with some yummy vegan treats. I wanted to make everything vegan today keeping with the theme of the month. I made Thiyya gummadikaya pulusu (red pumpkin stew) and Vankaya ulli karam kura (Eggplant with caramelized onion gravy) for lunch. For dinner I made some Cilantro-Lime rice and Venezuelan Shredded Seitan, both recipes from my latest cookbook, Viva Vegan. Didn’t take pictures of any of these dishes, but I do have pictures of the treats I was telling about: Coffee flan and…


Palak-Bok Choy Stir Fry (Indian Style)

Vegan Mofo Day 21: Weekend whizzed by very fast as usual, nothing much was accomplished, though there are too many tasks on the list. Didn’t touch the stove until Sunday evening due to laziness, little bit of shopping and party at friends place. So finally when I started to cook, I had half a bag of baby spinach, half a bunch of bok-choy and a 3 huge bunches of scallions. So all of them went into this easy, tasty stir fry. I fried some home made vadiyalu/ wada (fritters, for lack of good English translation). My mom makes sure that…


Veggie Pakoda (Balls/ Fritters)

Vegan Mofo Day 19: I sometimes worry about raising a vegetarian kid in this not-so-vegetarian world. As of now, he eats whatever I give him in day-care/ school and even his teachers in school know about his dietary preference and don’t give him anything that has meat. But when I think of him going to a real school, I’m not sure how he’s going to fare. How do I tell him that it’s not OK to eat meat, but at the same time I want him to respect his friend’s eating choices, I don’t want him to say something that…