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Broccoli Basil Pesto

VeganMofo Day 30: Super storm Sandy has created quite a havoc in the tri-state area. Thankfully we were not affected too badly; few of our sidings flew away due to the wind but my husband was able to bring them back this morning; a ton of broken branches in the backyard, but no damage to the property. Even though Sandy did not affect us directly, we have been impacted by it indirectly. We are in the middle of changing our kitchen counter top and the guys ripped out our old counter and sink last week. We were expecting the new…

Overnight Steel Cut Oats

VeganMofo Day 28: We are bracing ourselves for the super storm, Sandy. Hopefully we will have our electricity and internet connections intact. Last year we had the untimely snow storm around the same time and Halloween parades were cancelled as a result. My 5 year old has his costume picked out and he’s been talking about Halloween since the beginning of October. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that the storm is not as bad as the weather department is predicting. Last night, after listening to the storm warnings, I wanted to prepare something for the morning breakfast, so…

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

VeganMofo Day 27: I had to make some snacks or treats for my son’s Kindergarten class yesterday and I decided to try these Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies that I found at Erica’s Sweet Tooth blog. I had all the ingredients on hand and the resultant cookies turned out delicious. Feedback from my son’s class also came back positive (you know how brutally honest a bunch of 5 year olds can be).

Vegan Spicy Pasta

Rasta Pasta

VeganMofo Day: This recipe has been on my “to-make” list for quite some time now. Recipe is from my latest Vegan cookbook “Big Vegan” by Robin Asbell. I’ve never been to Jamaica, but according to the author this Rasta Pasta is on all the menus at tourist-oriented restaurants. It’s Island-speak for a vegetarian pasta dish made with native produce and spice. Rastafarians practice vegetarian cuisine as part of their religion, and make some amazingly delicious vegan food as a result. This dish is filled with chokeful of veggies and mildly spiced with curry powder and sweet coconut milk. Very easy…

Vegan Semya Payasam (Kheer) with Almond Milk

VeganMofo Day 25: Belated Dasara Wishes to Everyone. My husband was out of town yesterday, it was just my mom and I at home. Didn’t feel like making anything big for the two of us, so I made this quick prasad for Vijayadasami. Semya is nothing but Indian version of short cut, thin vermicelli. It’s very easy to find in Indian grocery stores. I used roasted vermicelli which makes making this dish much quicker, all you need to do is boil the milk and let the vermicelli cook through.But when roasted vermicelli is not available, just roast regular vermicelli in…

Ullipaya Gaarelu (Onion Vada)

VeganMofo Day 23: I rarely deep fry at home, health is only part of the reason. I’m worried about on how to dispose or use up the leftover oil. But having my mom here, I don’t have to think of ways to use up the oil, she has a ton of ideas up her sleeve. She does not heat up too much oil to begin with and she used the rest of the oil for daily cooking. One of my son’s favorite Indian fried food is “Vada (or Gaarelu in telugu)”. He calls them “Indian Donuts”. I didn’t make them…

Vegetable Bhath & Vegan Sooji Halwa

VeganMofo Day 22: Happy Durgashtami for Everyone. We (my mom & I) made Vegetable bhath and Rava Kesari for the 8th day of Navarathri. Vegetable bhath is something my mom always made at home and I make it too when I have some time on hand and want to serve something other than fried rice or biryani. I posted vegetable bhath recipe way back in 2008 and coincidentally that was also during the month of October for Veganmofo. I’m updating the post with a better picture. I made some Vegan Sooji Halwa as offering to Durga.

Alu Methi Curry with Sesame Seeds powder

VeganMofo Day 21: Organizers of VeganMofo have planned some very interesting contests for this month. Iron Chef Challenge is one of them, they announce the secret ingredient on Friday and the dishes using these secret ingredients are then compiled and posted on the site. Ingredients for this week’s challenge are “Potatoes and Sesame Seeds”. With the baby in the house nothing happens on time or as planned, so even the post is late by about 7 hours. I used the secret ingredients in a South Indian style curry with Potatoes and Methi cooked with sesame – chili powder.

Vegan Hot Chocolate with Soy Creamer

VeganMofo Day 19: It’s been raining and chilly the whole day today. I’m not a big fan of rains because I don’t like wiping water from my glasses and I definitely don’t like getting my feet wet. So I prefer to stay home when it rains (whenever I can), which is what I did today. It was still chilly after it stopped raining, so I wanted to make something to warm me up. I used soy creamer along with soy milk to make this thick and delicious hot chocolate. Skip the creamer and use more soy milk if you don’t…