Mixed Grain Mediterranean Salad (Vegan Recipe)

Nutritious Mixed Grains Mediterranean Salad that is packed with fiber, flavor and deliciousness. We are half through this week’s ‘Whole grain recipes’ theme and today’s dish is packed with whole grain goodness. This Mixed grain Mediterranean salad is easy to make and the only time consuming part of the dish is cooking the grains. It…

Black Rice and Corn Salad (Whole Grain Recipe)

Hearty, colorful and delicious Black rice and corn salad, great to serve warm or at room temperature. Today’s whole grain of choice is Black rice which I love for its nuttiness and earthy flavor. It has become quite popular in the West recently. This warm black rice and corn salad is hearty, slightly sweet and…

Jonnalu Senagalu (Sorghum & Chickpea Saute)

BM# 77: Week 1/ Day 2 Theme: Recipes with Whole Grains Dish: Jonnalu Senagalu (Sorghum/ Jowar & Chickpea Saute) For the second day of this week’s blogging marathon, I have a healthy and nutritious snack made with sorghum aka jowar (in Hindi) aka jonnalu (in Telugu). This Jonnalu senagalu which literally means sorghum and chickpeas is a…

Thai Quinoa Salad with Peanut Dressing Recipe

Colorful and flavorful Thai Quinoa Salad with peanut dressing. It is packed with protein from quinoa, edamame and peanuts. My theme for this week’s blogging marathon is ‘Cooking for One‘. I mostly cook for 1 because I cook during the day when the kids are in school and my husband is usually traveling for business.…

Tabbouleh with Roasted Tomato

Roasted Tomato Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh with roasted tomatoes. Bulgur is rather bland by itself, but adding roasted tomatoes and fresh herbs adds much needed flavor.It tastes tastier as it sits. This salad is great for summer parties and barbecues. It can also be served in a Middle Eastern platter.

Quinoa & Pistachio Salad with Moroccan Pesto

Quinoa & Pistachio Salad with Moroccan Pesto is easy and quick to put together. While the quinoa is cooking, you can make the pesto and prep the veggies, then toss everything together. It can be served right away or chilled until ready to serve. It is great to make ahead for picnics or to pack for lunchbox.

Freekeh & Roasted Cauliflower Salad

This salad combines freekeh with crispy roasted cauliflower and is flavored with lemon, fresh mint and other bright seasonings. If you can’t find freekeh, then broken wheat or coarse bulgur is a fine substitute. Roasted cauliflower is one of my latest favorites and it tastes amazing in this salad.