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Afghani Carrot Halwa (Carrot and Ricotta Halva)

Blogging Marathon# 49: Week 4/ Day 3 Theme: Bookmarked Recipes Dish: Afghani Carrot Halwa I’m ending this month’s marathon on a sweet note with this rich and decadent ‘Carrot Halwa’ that I bookmarked from ‘The New Middle Eastern Vegetarian’ cookbook by Sally Butcher. Halwa is very similar to our very own Carrot Halwa with a few additional ingredients like ricotta cheese and powdered milk.

Afghani Sheer Payra (Afghani Milk Fudge)

Blogging Marathon# 47: Week 4/ Day 3 Theme: Bookmarked Recipes from A-Z International Marathon Dishes: Afghani Sheer Payra I’m going to end this month’s blogging marathon on a sweet note. I have made this delicious milk fudge from Afghanistan 3 times in the past 1 month. It is that simple to make and quite a crowd pleaser. My husband really liked the fudge because it has a really nice flavor from ground cardamom and rose water.