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Belgium Waffles for #Food of the World (Vegan Recipe)

This month we are visiting Belgium for Food of the World event. Belgium is best known for its chocolate (one of the world’s best), waffles and beer. I wanted to make a vegetarian dish from Belgium, but didn’t find time to do my research. So I ended up making Belgian waffles for breakfast this past weekend. But contrary to what I thought, waffles in Belgium are not really breakfast food, they are more popular as casual snack food — usually bought from a bakery or a street stand. The waffles that North Americans think of as Belgian waffle is actually…


Belgian Yeast Waffles and a Product Review

I love to have a hearty breakfast especially over the weekends. But it so happens that every weekend morning we are either running around to finish errands or wake up too late to have breakfast. Hearty breakfast menu in our household (whenever we make it, that is) is usually pancakes with syrup, idlis with chutney or sabudhana khichdi (ahem.. it’s probably been more than a year I made this dish). Making Waffles for breakfast is probably something I wouldn’t even dream off to make at home. So when CSN Stores contacted me to do a product review, I was super…