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Linzer Cookies (Eggless Recipe)

Blogging Marathon# 36: Week 1/ Day 3 Theme: Cookies Dish: Linzer Cookies For the 3rd day of the Cookie marathon, I made Linzer cookies. Not sure why I always thought making linzer cookies was difficult, may be because the name is so fancy!! But come to find out that they are nothing but almond or hazelnut cookies sandwiched together with a jam or chocolate spread in the middle.


Kolacky Cookies

I’m in a baking spree for the past couple of days. I made Chatti Pathiri, the Indian version of Turkish Baklava, yesterday for Indian Cooking Challenge and today I made these melt in your mouth European Kolacky Cookies for this week’s ‘Cooking from Cookbook Challenge’. I bought some cherry pie filling a while back when I was making this Black Forest Cake. I had some leftover in the fridge that needed to be used up. I saved the wrapper from the container (Solo brand) because it had 2 recipes using the pie filling. These Kolacky cookies caught my eye because…


Vyborg Pretzels (Eggless version)

Blogging Marathon# 33: Week 4/ Day 2 Theme: BM# 32 Bookmarked Recipes Dish: Vyborg Pretzels by Chef Mireille I am revisting my fellow bloggers posts from the A-Z Alphabet marathon for this week of BM# 33. Like I said yesterday it has been tough finalizing this week’s 3 dishes. I still have no idea what to make for tomorrow from the very long list of short listed dishes. I’ve to check my pantry and the fridge to see what can be made with th time I have. I wish I can try all the recipes, but alas I can’t. So…


Eggless Black Forest Cake

Blogging Marathon# 33: Week 3/ Day 3 Theme: Eggless Cakes Dish: Eggless Black Forest Cake For the third day of BM# 33, we are celebrating my husband’s birthday with an eggless Black Forest Cake. He was travelling on his actual birthday, so we are celebrating it over the weekend. Black forest cake brings back fond memories of enjoying time with family and friends back home. This was the usual pastry that we used to order at a bakery next to our school and this was also our favorite cake to order for birthdays and other occasions. Cool cakes, like this…