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Pasta in Spinach sauce

I love adding nuts to my gravies, especially almonds and cashews. I think they totally transform a dish from plain & boring to creamy & delicious. For example, would you prefer to have “Pasta in Spinach sauce” (oh.. blah) or “Pasta in Creamy Spinach-Almond sauce” (oh.. yay.. yummy). I chose the second one and I have to tell you, I was licking every utensil that came in touch with that sauce, it was sooo good. Recipe is inspired from Indira’s Spinach-Basil pasta. Serve over pasta (you can mix the sauce with pasta, but I prefer serving them separate, as you…


Thai Inspired Fried Rice

I say Thai “inspired” because I used ingredients like lemon grass, green curry paste, coconut milk that are used widely in Thai cooking, but I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the manner in which it was cooked. This is kind of “Passport to Thailand” kind of a recipe made using ingredients on hand. It is also “clean your fridge for next week’s grocery shopping” recipe too.This dish came about while thinking of IVAW-Thai being guest hosted by talented Priya @ Akshayapaatram and looking at the stragglers in the fridge. Its A Vegan World is a monthly blog event started…


Curried Rice & Bean Salad

Coming from an Andhra family, all our meals almost always included rice in some form or the other. My mom gets very concerned when I tell her that I had salad for lunch, when in reality I ate a whole 8oz. bag of greens with another 1 cups of toppings added (I don’t eat tiny salads, my salads are huge—sometimes I feel embarrassed to even open my lunch box in the cafeteria, that I sneak lunch at my desk). So growing up salad was rarely on our menu. It was the biggest cultural shock for me when I came to…


Potato Quesadillas

This is my entry to Recipes for the Rest of Us-Dinner being hosted by lovely Siri @ Siri’s Corner. This event is started by Ramki @ One Page cookbook and the rules say that the recipe should be easy enough for a 10 year old to make. I’m sure almost all 10 year olds like potato (I sure did and my DH says he could eat potato everyday even now, so I can imagine how he was when he was 10 J) and they would want these for themselves. Coming to the recipe, its nothing but spicy aloo bhaji tucked…