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Goa — Feijoada (Vegan recipe)

Blogging Marathon# 39 – Indian States: Day 7 State: Goa Dish: Goan Feijoada Goa is India’s smallest state by area and is located on the the weat coast of India. Goa is India’s richest state with a GDP per capita 2½ times that of the country as a whole. Goa is a former Portuguese province; the Portuguese overseas territory of Territory India existed for about 450 years until it was annexed by India in 1961. Goa has beautiful beaches and breathtaking views that attract large numbers of international as well as domestic tourists. My dad visited Goa a number of…


Blogging Marathon# 26: Week 1/ Day 2 Theme: Goan Cuisine Dish: Sakharbath After two savory and spicy dishes from Goa, I was looking for a dessert recipe to try. Goan cuisine has ton of delicious desserts that use coconut, cashews. One dessert that really caught my eye is Bebinca, but after seeing that the dish has a dozen egg yolks and cup and a half of ghee (clarified butter), I changed my mind. Also I was making this dish just for myself since my husband is travelling, so I didn’t want it to be too labor intensive and wanted just…

Vegetarian Vindaloo with Eggplant & Mushroom

Blogging Marathon# 26: Week 1/ Day 2 Theme: Goan Cuisine Dish: Eggplant & Mushroom Vindaloo For Day 2 under “Goan Cuisine” for BM# 26, I made Vindaloo with Eggplant, mushrooms and red pepper. A little bit of Wiki gyan (knowledge) about Vindaloo — “Vindaloo is derived from a Portuguese dish named “Carne de Vinha d’ Alhos” which is usually made with pork, red wine and garlic.The Goans modified the dish by using vinegar for the red wine and kashmiri chilies and additional spices.”

Goan Mixed Vegetable Curry

Pressure cooker is a quintessential equipment in any Indian kitchen. I own 6 pressure cookers in different sizes, shapes and materials — stainless steel, aluminum and hard anodized. Each one has its own purpose, one can fit the idli stand, one cooks for a crowd, one for 2 and so on. More than a couple of them have served me well for the past 12+ years. Fortunately I’ve never had an accident in my kitchen (touch wood). So when Jaya posted about a cookbook author belittling my beloved kitchen equipment, I wanted to show my love to my pressure cooker…


Vegetable Vindaloo in Slow Cooker

The latest addition to my bursting at the seam kitchen cabinet/ counter is a Hamilton Beach Slow cooker. I borrowed this Vegetarian slow cooker cookbook from the library to get a better understanding of what and how to cook in a slow cooker. I decided to make vegetable vindaloo as my first dish in the slow cooker. I thought cauliflower was going to crumble up and potatoes were going to be mushy. But even at the end of 6 hours each veggie held its identity and the curry itself was delicious having simmered for the whole day. I will be…