Vegan Gado Gado recipe

Blogging Marathon# 37: Week 1/ Day 1 Theme: National Dishes from around the World Dish: Indonesia — Gado Gado We are starting this month’s blogging marathon today and my theme for the first week is ‘National dishes from countries around the world’. I didn’t really realize each country has it’s own national dish until I started researching for this theme. There is a whole list of national dishes on Wiki. Some countries have more than one national dish. Choosing 3 dishes from countries all over the world was quite a challenge. I was really happy to see 3 dishes that…

Tempeh Rendang

VeganMofo Day 15: Today’s recipe is from the cookbook “Way to Cook Vegetarian” by Cooking Light. Rendang is a spicy Indonesian dish usually made with meat, this recipe uses tempeh instead of meat. Tempeh has stronger flavor than tofu and has a meaty texture that works great in this dish. Serve with steamed white rice and simple grated carrot dressed with lemon juice for a complete meal.