Tea Brack Recipe

BM# 75: A-Z Bake Around the World: Day 20 Bake of the Day: T for Tea Brack Country: Ireland We are starting the last week of our month long mega marathon and today we are baking a dish with the letter T. I have a delicious fruit cake called Tea Brack from Ireland. Mir recently posted the recipe…

Soda Bread Scones

I don’t make elaborate breakfasts. Breakfast to me is something quick and easy, nothing fancy and not more than one dish to clean (which happens to be the dish I ate in). But this weekend, I made an exception and decided to make something special for us. I made some Soda Bread Scones and we had them with some vegan butter and homemade mango-raspberry jam. I found the recipe in Vegetarian times magazine. It has vegan with no-fat what-so-ever and is quick and easy to make too. Recipe adapted from Vegetarian Times