Balehannu Halwa (Coconut – Banana Halwa)

This is the final dish I made for Sankranthi. The actual festival was very low key, but we are heading to our cousin’s place this weekend for some belated celebrations. My cousin puts up a beautiful golu and she also celebrates ‘bhogi pallu’ for the kids. As I was thinking of what to bring, I found this interesting halwa with coconut and banana in ‘Vegetarian Cookbook of India’ cookbook by Mridula Baljekar. I had bananas that needed to be used up before leaving for the weekend, so this was a perfect recipe to make good use of them. Also the…

Gojju Avalakki/ Huli Avalakki/ Tangy Poha

Blogging Marathon# 40: Week 3/ Day 2 Theme: Unused BM# 39 posts Dish: Gojju Avalakki I was very confident that I had this week covered and wasn’t even worried about it until a few days ago. I thought I had lot of posts in the drafts but I didn’t realize that I used most of them up for CCChallenge (this and this in particular). So I looked through the papers where I jotted down my list of states and dishes to make for BM# 39.