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Korean Vegetarian Joomuk Bap (Korean Style Rice & Veggie Fist Balls)

To go with the Korean Miso Soup, I made these Korean style Rice & Veggie Fist balls called Joomuk Bap. I landed on this recipe while I was looking for Korean recipes and really liked everything that went into this dish. My broccoli loving daughter really liked these rice balls. Joomuk Bap (Fist Rice) — Recipe adapted from here


Korea — Miso Soup & Joomuk Bap (Vegetarian/ Vegan Recipes)

BM# 44: A-Z Cooking Series — Around the World in 30 days Country: K for Korea Dish: Korean Miso Soup & Joomuk Bap We are staying in Asia and visiting Korea today. I knew from day 1 that I would be doing Korea for K, since I live in a town that has a very high Korean population. We have a Korean grocery store in town and most of the stores have signs in Korean. I hardly cook Korean food at home even though I have full access to all the Korean veggies, spices and other ingredients. I don’t have…


Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchijeon) — Vegan recipe

Blogging Marathon# 38: Week 3/ Day 1 Theme: One Dish, Different Countries Dish: Korea — Kimchi Pancakes Being a food blogger, I am always looking for new dishes to make. I rarely repeat or make the same dish again unless it is an everyday dish that the family is used to. My husband was saying the other day I cook for the blog and not for them. Mmmmm, I think I’m guilty of doing that, but I don’t usually comment when he says that because I need my taste-testers happy and not grumpy.


Vegetarian Kimchi Fried Rice (Kimchi Bokkeumbap)

Blogging Marathon# 37: Week 3/ Day 1 Theme: Street Food from Around the World Dish: Kimchi Fried Rice from Korea My theme for this week’s Blogging marathon got me very very excited. It is Street Food from around the world. Learning about the different dishes that are served as street food from various countries was very interesting and there are so many dishes that I wanted to make at home. But since we are posting for only 3 days, I had to narrow down my search to 3 dishes. Hopefully I can make the rest of my bookmarked dishes some…


Vegan Kimchi with Ginger & Chiles

New Jersey is one state where you find large Indian population. In some towns it almost feels like Americans are in minority there. Most of the apartment complexes are filled with Indians and streets are filled with Indian stores, restaurants, beauty parlors, these towns look like mini Indias. But the town we live in has a majority of Koreans. Most of the stores are run by Koreans and stores have a lot of Korean vegetables and ingredients. Being around so many Koreans, I have always wanted to try Kimchi. It is a tradional fermented side dish made of vegetables and…


Vegetarian Bi Bim Bap

Do you ever think of this one dish that you had years ago that was so good that you can’t forget it, but at the same time cannot figure out what it actually is. That happened to me during my China trip almost 3 years ago. My Chinese colleague Chris took me to this basement restaurant in Shanghai and the place was kind of smoky, but packed with people for lunch. There were a number of counters with different cuisine being cooked at each counter, like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese etc. My colleague seated me at a table (with couple…


Vegetarian Jap Chae

This is my entry to A.W.E.D – Korea, being guest hosted by PJ @ Seduce your Taste buds. A.W.E.D (A World Epicurean Delight) is the brain child of talented DK @ Culinary Bazaar. I am lucky to have a very good Korean market not too far from us that we visit at least once a month for the fresh produce and good deals on tofu and fruit. During my recent visit I bought some gochujang, Korean hot pepper paste to try. I already had half a package of sweet potato noodles, dang myun, that I had bought a while back….