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Vegetarian Pupusa

Blogging Marathon# 37: Week 1/ Day2 Theme: National Dishes from around the World Dish: El Salvador — Pupusa Years ago when I first started watching Food network, Rachael Ray used to make dishes from different countries/ cuisines and called them ‘Passport meals’ to those countries. Which means you don’t need a passport to visit those countries physically, all you need is a well stocked pantry and you can easily transport to that country by enjoying the local dishes right at home. That is how my interest in trying different cuisines started. So today I made a Passport meal to El…


Café Con Leche Flan

Vegan Mofo Day 26: Did any of you (in the US) go out for shopping today? I woke up my husband 7:00AM and asked him if he wanted to go, he said he’s too busy sleeping, so I dozed off too for another hour of sleep. Well we did end up in Walmart around noon to buy toothpaste for our little one and it looked like a carnival in the Electronics section. Every cart we saw had a flat screen TV, my husband was tempted to buy one, but knowing our three year old, who talks to TV and hi-fi’s…