BM# 68-Cooking Carnival: Day 21
Theme of Week 4: Bread based Street Foods
Dish: Zapiekanka

For the final day of this week’s marathon, I made a Polish open face sandwich called Zapiekanka. It is a very simple dish to make with just a few ingredients. This sandwich is a popular street food in Poland.
Polish Open face Sandwich

Zapiekac means ‘to bake’ in Polish and is a culinary term for casserole. This is a baked sandwich, that is traditionally made with French bread that is stuffed with sauteed mushrooms and topped with cheese and a generous drizzle of ketchup. But there are some new flavors like Hawaiian-style with pineapple, Greek-style with olives and feta cheese, Italian-style and many more.

Polish Open face Sandwich

I kept it simple and traditional with mushrooms and optional onions. If you so feel like it, add some roasted vegetables or sauteed veggies to the filling to make it even more substantial. All in all, this is a simple and filling sandwich that all mushroom lovers will enjoy.

Polish Open face Sandwich

We are almost at the end of this month’s mega marathon, so after ancient grains, whole grains, veggies in snacks, bread in street food, can you guess what the ingredient is going to be for next week? Continue reading