Sri Lankan Dal Mallum Recipe

Sri Lankan Dal Mallum is a simple everyday lentil dish that is hearty, comforting and delicious. I am starting this year’s Blogging Marathon with ‘Sinhalese Cuisine’ as the theme. Sri Lankan cuisine sounds very exotic with influences from South Indian, Indonesian, Dutch and other South east Asian cuisines. But for the first day I have a…

Sri Lankan Coconut Rice

This Sri Lankan coconut rice is a tasty accompaniment not only to the Sri Lankan vegetable curry but also to any spicy curry. Fresh grated coconut is added to cooked rice along with fried peanuts and a flavorful tempering. I loved the addition of soaked dals to the tempering, I think it made the dals nice and crunchy when sauteed. I used coconut oil to enhance the coconut flavor, but ghee or regular cooking oil can also be used.