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Puliyodarai (Tamarind Rice With Spice paste)

Belated Sankranthi wishes to all of you who celebrate it. I had a very low key festival this year because my husband was away on business and the kids had school and after-school activities. So it was a busy day with too much going on. But I did make tamarind rice (Pulihora/ Puliyodarai) and Chakkara Pongal (Sweet pongal) for the festival. I tried both the recipes from Chandra Padmanabhan’s ‘Dakshin’ cookbook. Both the dishes turned out just like the ones served in temples. My mom’s tamarind rice is quite straight forward with just cooked tamarind, but this version has tamarind…

Manapparrai Murukku for ICC

We are travelling south to Tamil Nadu for this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge. I am amazed by the variation of snacks we have across the country, with just a few changes in the ingredients and the method of preparation — we end up with so many different type of snacks. When I saw that Valli has a murukku recipe for this month, I was a little disappointed that we are going to make just another murukku recipe, but I was pleasantly surprised how just a few changes can make such a big difference. These murukkus are fried twice instead of…

Thengai Paal Kootu (Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Milk Gravy)

Blogging Marathon# 41: Week 4/ Day 2 Theme: BM Pair (Sujatha Ram) Dish: Thengai Paal Kootu Today’s dish from Sujatha’s blog is a super simple, yet very delicious mixed veg curry cooked in coconut milk. Veggies are cooked in coconut milk and flavored with sambar powder — it’s that simple, but the flavor both these ingredients infuse into the veggies is just amazing.