Tomato Chutney from Tripura & Green Chili Chutney from Mizoram

Mosdeng Serma from Tripura: This was one of the simplest tomato chutney recipes I have ever made, with very few ingredients; tomatoes, onions, garlic and chilies. We can taste all of the ingredients in the chutney which are otherwise weighed down by tamarind and the tempering that are usually added in South Indian style chutneys. This chutney can be eaten with rice, roti or even as a sandwich spread. Recipe adapted from PJ. Hmarcha Rawt — Roasted Green Chili Chutney from Mizoram: I actually wanted to make this chutney for Mizoram, but changed my mind and made this simple steamed…

Tripura — Kosoi Bwtwi (Green Beans & Garlic Curry)

Blogging Marathon# 39 – Indian States: Day 27 State: Tripura Dish: Kosoi Bwtwi (Green Beans & Garlic Curry) From south India, we are moving all the way to northeastern state of Tripura. Tripura is one of the seven sister states in North Eastern India. Indigenous communities forma about 30% of Tripura’s population. The Kokborok-speaking Tirupuri people are the major group among 19 tribes and many sub-tribes. Because of its geographical location, Tripura only has one major highway, National Highway 44, connecting it with the rest of the country. This is the reason for the hindered economic progress in the state….