Turkish Bulgur Pilaf (Firik Pilau)

I made this Pilau or Pilaf to go with the Turkish Fasulye/ Barbunya Pilaki that I made last week. The recipe is from ‘The Middle Eastern Vegetarian’ cookbook by Sally Butcher. The original recipe uses Freekeh is young green wheat and has been used for centuries in the Middle east. It is a versatile and nutritious grain and can be used in soups, salads, cakes and bread, as a cereal and can be used in place of rice. After all that information on freekeh which I thought I had in my pantry, I was bummed to see I used it…

Fasulye/ Barbunya Pilaki (Turkish Everyday Beans) for #Food of the World

We are visiting the beautiful Turkey this month for the #Food of the World event. Turkish food happens to be one of my favorite and I’m always looking for opportunities to try new dishes. I borrowed ‘The New Middle Eastern Vegetarian’ cookbook by Sally Butcher from the library. As the book’s name suggests it has vegetarian recipes from the Middle East and after reading through the book a couple of times, I am tempted to try almost all the recipes 🙂 This Turkish Everyday beans recipe, Fasulye Pilaki, is traditionally made with white beans like navy or cannellini or Fasulye….

Turkish Kanefe/ Knafeh

Couple of my friends took me to a Turkish restaurant for my birthday this year. They ordered this crispy, flaky and sweet pastry and we were served a bubbling hot dessert that I used as a cake to blow the candle. The candle almost melted in the hot dessert. I was sold the minute I had my first bite — it was sweet, crunchy, creamy and absolutely delicious. I heard the name of the dish but it hardly registered in my brain because I was busy eating it. Then I saw Usha’s post for Knafeh and then I realized that…

Turkish Sarma — Stuffed Grape Leaves (Vegetarian recipe)

I had these stuffed grape leaves at my Turkish friend’s house for the first time. Her mom had brought grape leaves from Turkey and made these for us. I have never tasted anything like these before and really liked them. So when I was planning my Turkish menu, I wanted to give these a try too. I am lucky to have Turkish grocery stores very close to my house. So after a quick trip to the store, I was equipped with a big can of grape leaves. The stuffing/ filling is like tomato rice and is very flavorful and tasty…

Mücver — Turkish Zucchini Fritters

This is another dish that my friend suggested. I don’t remember eating this before, but she said it is a good dish that even my kids might like. She wasn’t wrong, even my picky son loved these fritters. Original recipe uses eggs to make the fritters, but I used egg replacer powder instead. The firtters turned out great even without the eggs, they turned out crispy and delicious. Check out the entire Turkish meal here.