Within 10miles around the area where we live, there is one farmer’s market which is open on saturdays only from June to November. Yesterday was the first time, this year, we could make it to the market. I could not stop myself from buying the bright white organic cauliflower and bright yellow squash.

Heres the produce that I bought yesterday. Cauliflower, savoy cabbage, grape tomatoes, figs, broad beans, apples, peaches, yellow squash, cherries, eggplant, onion foccacia bread.

0 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market produce”

  1. Quite a colorful spread you have there! Will we be seeing some finger licking delicious concoctions from you??

  2. hi
    such a great spread , i envy you for being able to go to a farmers market .Here in mumbai its impossible as there are no farmers markets.
    next time you go pls click photos of the markets too.
    so that we can see all the local produces.

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