Hope everyone celebrating Diwali/ Deepavali had a fun time.

As for us, I lit some candles and diyas (in the pic) and made some Sooji halwa (vegan with no ghee or milk) and vegetable rice for dinner. I haven’t had a chance to take pics, actually let me rephrase it, I didn’t feel like taking pictures. Literally, my hands are cold and I can’t feel some of my toes. Our heating unit broke down 2 weeks ago and started emitting CO (CO alarm starting blaring one morning when we started our heating unit), so haven’t been using it for the fear of dying. The repair guys have not been too helpful and right now we are still waiting for them to install a new heating unit. Which is why there hasn’t been much cooking, I know standing by the stove keeps me warm, but I can’t get up from the sofa after sitting curled up for a while for the fear of missing a warm spot in the house. I’ll keep you guys posted, I don’t have too high hopes of the repair company, the only thing I can do now is to pray that temperatures warm a little bit..

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