Merry Christmas to All of you. Hope all of you had a great time today. 

My mom has been cooking up some delicious treats for us. For this holiday, she made “Thokkudu Laddu” so I can update the old recipe with a new picture.

Thokkudu laddoos, a.k.a Bandar laddoos have their signature dimple on them. These laddoos involve quite a few steps and are time consuming to make, but the end result is absolutely delicious.

You can find the original recipe here.

Lets check out what my fellow bloggers have cooked up for BM# 23.

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  1. oh I am drooling here!!! delicious pictures!!! bookmarking this!!SowmyaOngoing Event – Let’s Party – Eggless Bakes and Treats Ongoing Event – SYF & HWS – Ginger

  2. Oh you have updated the old post with the new pic as well?..couldn’t understand which was old..however all the pictures look so good..

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