Roundup of 17 deliciously Sweet Flatbread from all around the world.

Desserts don’t usually come to mind when thinking of flatbread. But there are quite a few delicious recipes for amazing Sweet Flatbread. Here is a roundup of some of amazing recipes from all around the world (but mostly from India). Some of these stuffed with sweet filling, some made with fruit/ vegetable and so on.

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South Indian Sweet flatbread:

17 Sweet Flatbread

  1. Alasanda Bobbatlu
  2. Pesara Bobbattu
  3. Thengai Poli
  4. Peanut Poli
  5. Sajjaka Holige Obbattu

North Indian Sweet Flatbread:

Roundup for 17 Sweet Flatbread

  1. Banana Paratha
  2. Dhoodh Chini Ka Paratha
  3. Gur Ka Paratha
  4. Gur aur Til ka Paratha
  5. Kesari Cheeni ki Roti
  6. Meethi Mathri
  7. Paneer Khoya Poli
  8. Pineapple Bobbattu
  9. Pumpkin Roti
  10. Vegan Sheermal
  11. Sweet Paratha

Western Sweet Flatbread:

Roundup of Sweet Flatbread

  1. Sweet Focaccia

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  1. Beautiful round up . Good to see all Sweet Flatbreads in one place and this would be a great help for our upcoming marathon .

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