Mofo gasy or Madagascar Yeasted Pancakes for #Food of the World

Mofo Gasy meaning ‘Malagasy bread’, which is made from a batter of sweetened rice flour poured into greased circular molds and cooked over charcoal. Mofo gasy is a popular street food in Madagascar served for breakfast food and is often eaten with coffee. In the coastal regions this mofo (or bread) is made with coconut milk and is known as mokary.

Vegetarian Lebanese Stew with Peas and Rice (Bazelle with Riz) for #Food of the World

For this month’s Food of the World event, we are going to Lebanon. While browsing through the internet for vegetarian Lebanese dishes, I landed on this page with a ton of recipes to choose from. I finally narrowed the whole list down to about 10 dishes, but more than half of them were desserts and I had to resist the temptation of making those rich and creamy desserts. I have them bookmarked and will pace them out and try them in the future.