Gujarati Gathiya for Indian Cooking Challenge

For this month’s Indian Cooking ChallengeValli and Vaishali wanted us to make a very famous Gujarati snack, Gathiya/ Gathia. Gujarati gathiya are very similar to janthikalu, but the texture is totally different. Gathiya are crispy and crunchy when you bite into them, but just melt in your mouth when eaten. To get that melt in the mouth texture, baking soda is dry roasted until slightly charred and then added to besan and other spices. Also generous amount of oil is added to the dough which helps to get the texture. Enjoy as snack with a cup of tea

Dhokar Dalna for Indian Cooking Challenge

For this month’s Indian Cooking ChallengeValli chose a delicious Bengali savory dish. I have tried quite a few Bengali dishes already, but luckily I didn’t make this dish earlier. This is a spicy curry with lentil cakes in it. This dish is a little similar to the besan chikki that my MIL makes. But the difference is that my MIL uses chickpea flour or besan instead of ground chana dal that is used in this Bengali dish. Both the dishes have cooked lentil cakes cooked in spicy gravy. I followed Sandeepa’s recipe to the T. From what I have read,…

Chatti Pathiri for Indian Cooking Challenge

It has been a very eventful day today. I thought it was going to be a quite sunny day and had plans of making ‘Chatti Pathiri’ for this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge in the afternoon. But one phone call changed it all. It changed my mood from sunny to gloomy and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I knew it was a problem that could be fixed but still was antsy until it was fixed. I gave up on participating in this month’s ICC, even though I had been anxiously waiting to make this delicious baked dessert from Kerala. Then…

Raj Kachori ~ Rajasthani Chaat Recipe

For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge, Valli & Vaishali wanted us to make Raj Kachori, a Rajathani chaat item. When Valli announced the challenge, I read the recipe and thought it was really elaborate with quite a few components to be prepared and then completely forgot about it. Then suddenly this past weekend I realized it was almost time to post for ICC and I didn’t make the dish. I knew I had no sooji in the pantry and gave up on the challenge. But when I checked again I found a small container of sooji (!!), I’m not even…

Dapka Kadhi (Gujarati Kadhi with Moong dal Dumplings)

It has been quite some time that I made anything for Indian Cooking Challenge. When I see Valli’s email announcing the dish of the month, I get excited and plan on making it, but some time between the announcement and the actual date of posting I either completely forget about it or don’t find the time to make it. Anyway I didn’t want to miss this month’s challenge because kadhi is one of my favorite dishes, But I don’t make it often because my husband doesn’t eat milk/ yogurt based dishes and so I avoid making them when he’s around….

ICC June – Pati Shapta

For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge (ICC), Valli chose a Bengali dessert usually made during the Sankranthi season. I have missed quite a few ICC challenges but when I saw this scrumptious dessert, I knew I had to make them. I thought Pati Shapta were Indian version of French crepes that are filled with delicious coconut-khoya filling and drizzled with sweet syrup. They were easier to make than the French crepes and the filling was to die for. We thoroughly enjoyed these and the reheated leftovers taste just as good. Recipe adapted from Sandeepa’s recipe @ Bong Mom’s Cookbook.

Khara Biscuit for ICC-May

For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge (ICC), Srivalli wanted us to make an Indian baked goodie. We are using Champa’s Khara biscuit recipe that makes savory, melt in your mouth cookies that are a snap to make. This is the first time ever we baked for ICC and I was really excited about the challenge, since I’ve never made savory cookies before. The recipe also requires very few ingredients and needs less than 30 minutes of hands on time.

Pudachi Wadi for ICC-April

For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge (ICC), Valli chose Pudicha Wadi recipe from Archana’s Tried & Tested recipes. I don’t think I ever heard about or had this dish before, but the process making this dish looked very interesting. I thought wadis were like pakodas (pakoras) where the veggie (s) are mixed with besan and deep fried, but in this recipe chopped cilantro or kothimeer is stuffed inside a wrapper and then deep fried. The filling and the wrapper were so flavorful by themselves that I couldn’t help myself from snacking on bits of dough and pieces of cilantro while…

Vatteppam for ICC-March

For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge, Valli chose a delicious rice cake dish from Kerala, Vatteppam. Recipe is courtesy from an Keralite who knows her rice cakes very well, SHN @ Kitchenmishmash. SHN’s pictures are breathtaking and when I saw her mouthwatering pictures of Vatteppam, I wanted to try and make them right away and for the first time ever, I made them almost 2 weeks before the deadline. I halved the recipe, since I was making for just the 3 of us at home and I made them in idli stand instead of a round mold. I also used…