Soy Chorizo & Corn Stew

I like to try vegetarian/ vegan “fake meats”. I know they are processed and everything but I still want to try them at least once to see how they taste. I’ve had some that I really liked, but some that were totally disappointing and inedible. So when I saw Soy chorizo in Trader’s Joes I had to try it and I have to say we really liked it and I’m going to buy this again. It was similar to Yves brand Veggie ground round but much spicy and garlicky. I served the stew with some brown rice. Yummyyyyyyy.

Spinach-Tomato Rice

My son absolutely loves Carrots. He can eat carrot all day everyday (this is right now, I’m not sure how his taste is going to change tomorrow). So I’ve started adding carrots in everything, pasta sauce, dal, curries and yes even in rice dishes; much to the discontent of my DH, but the little one’s preferences come first.. right????? This dish is a clean up the fridge kind of a recipe and it tasted pretty good the next day for lunch.

Kakarakaya Kura (Bittergourd Curry)

This is a very simple preparation with minimum ingredients but the end product was really yummy & delicious. To me prepping bittergourd (kakarakaya in telugu) to remove some of the bitterness is the most important step. I know some people who really love the bitterness, but prefer it to be mildly bitter; I can’t take extreme bitterness (like broccoli rabe is something I absolutely cannot have, it is way tooooo bitter for my taste). For this dish, I microwaved the veggie with some tamarind pulp, turmeric and salt for 6 minutes. Then I thoroughly rinsed it under water and completely…

Eating out in NYC

Yet another weekend flew by so quickly that I didn’t have time to post for veganmofo. But we had a chance to take our son in the train to New York and he had a blast. He was saying koooo- chuk-cchuk trrrraiiiiin the whole time. It was fun watching him get excited just looking at the trains. We then went to this cute little place called “Crisp” that serves great falafel sandwiches. And what’s more it is 100% vegetarian restaurant with a good number of vegan dishes too; and their primary focus is on respect and consideration for the planet….

Kaddu Chole

I missed quite a bit of veganmofoing this time around. It feels like I cannot catch up with all the things that are going on, so blogging took a back step, I hope to post everyday for the next 10days. Hope all of you had a good Diwali celebrations. We didn’t do much on that day, the weather was awful with rain the whole day. I made some dalia murukkus for diwali, I will post the recipe soon. For today I have this creamy kaddu chole recipe that goes well with both rice & roti. I’m so impressed with my…

Baingan Bhartha

It has been a while that I posted any eggplant dishes on my blog, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking with it. It’s just that I haven’t made anything new. This baingan bharta is not a new dish either, but I wanted to post it for veganmofo. Active time involved in this dish is very little, baking/ roasting the eggplant itself takes the bulk of the time. With the temperatures hovering in lower 50’s, I thought this is the right time to fire up that oven. It took me about 1 hour to put the whole dish together from…

Thai Red Curry

Last two days have been a little hectic at work. Our department director was retiring and we were busy with the work hand-off meetings. She used to be my cubicle-mate and I’m going to miss her and her stories very much. I get emotional when I see someone else getting emotional (yes.. even in movies and my husband gets a kick out of my crying.. ahem), so I was ready to cry in her retirement party, but fortunately I didn’t. For today’s dinner, I made this Thai red curry with store-bought red curry paste, tofu, broccoli & potato served over…