First off a big thanks to Sharmi (@ Neivedyam) for giving this opportunity to host Cooking for Kids event. Huge thanks to all the participants. Round up is filled with healthy yet nutritious dishes made from wide variety of leafy greens, some very commonly used like spinach & methi and some not so commonly used like radish greens, drum stick greens and watercress. All the dishes are on my to-make list, check out what you want to make. Entries are arranged in Alphabetical order.

Anu @ My Scrawls: Aloo-Palak Subzi (Potato Spinach Curry)

Deepti S @ Dips Kitchen sent 2 entries: Cole Slaw and Palak Pakoda

Indrani @ Appyayan sent 2 entries: Stir fried WaterCress/ Radish Greens & Spinach with Mixed vegetables (Palak Shak-er Charchari).

Preeti @ Khaugiri: Palak Shorba (Spinach Soup)

Sharmi (Creator of CFK) @ Neivedyam: Methi Pachadi

Finally your’s truly’s entries: Kanda Bachali Kura (Suran & Malabar Spinach Curry), Pasta in Spinach Sauce, Palakura PesaraPappu (Spinach Dal) & Kohlrabi Greens Curry.

Update 7/04: Sorry for missing your entry Aquadaze.

Aquadaze @ Served with Love: Microwave Palak Paneer

Let me know if I missed your entry. I’ll include it in the round up.

Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day. Hope you are enjoying your 3 day long weekend. Have fun and stay cool.

Dont forget to send in your entries to JFI: Peanuts.

0 thoughts on “CFK-Leafy Greens Round up”

  1. Great round-up, Pavani…so many new green dishes..if our kids eat this, then all the hard work will be paid off, isn’t it?

  2. hi Pavani, Thanks for being a lovely host. That was a great healthy roundup! beautiful spread of recipes!! A big thanks again!!

  3. Thank you gals.. These comments are going to keep me going for the upcoming event.Aquadaze: Have updated the post with your entry. Sorry for missing your entry.

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