I have been MIA for quite sometime now. This year started off with a runny nose & coughing child passing off his germs onto to me. I ended up with an ear infection and the antibiotics I took for that caused severe intestinal infection (stomach cramps & bloody diarrhea). I was so sick to my stomach that I was eating about a katori of rice for almost half an hour. A healthier me would have wiped out at least 5 times at amount of rice in 5 minutes (yes.. I’m a rather quick eater).

I can’t imagine myself not thinking about food and that 1 week was like hell to me. My poor husband was doing all the cooking, but I didn’t have the energy or the appetite to eat. I knew I was getting better only when I started craving for khichdi and thinking about what to make for my next post. Right now I’m healthy enough to cook AND eat, but not ready to take pictures and post. But I’ll be back with a dish pretty soon.

Until then read about this interesting article about a Mother of 2 who planned meals for a WHOLE YEAR. I wish I could be that organized, let me know how you guys organize your meal calendars.

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  1. Hi Dear, I pray and hope and pray that you get well soon. Will look forward to your posts but before that recuperate completely.Whenever you feel energetic enough do check my blog I have announced my first event..the combo event.take care.

  2. Hey dear so sorry to know..I just got up from Viral flu and still have no energy to cook but would love to eat provided that someone else does the cooking 😉 he he he..Take good care and come back when you feel you have enough energy

  3. Hugs to you girl, all that sounds horrible. Rest and recover. Don’t worry about blogging, can always come back.I went thru’ cold about 4 times this Winter. Hate it and wish Spring would come soon, then of course it’s my allergy season!If I am sick, I still have to get up and cook anyway, nobody helps me. Husband is too busy all the time, so no hope.

  4. Oh Pavani, that sounds so awful! Sorry to hear of your illness, and I am sending positive thoughts your way, hoping you recover quickly.Planning meals for a whole year is a bit much! I am more modest in my planning, I buy 5-6 fresh vegetables every weekend, keep the pantry and fridge stocked with staples, and make it so that I can whip out a week’s worth of meals from the stuff I have on hand. The vegetables often dictate what meal will be made.

  5. Hi Pavani, glad that you are doing good now… Hoping to see wonderful dishes soon!!! Oraganizing for a yr, oh thats never gonna happen with me, I come up with things in a jhatka and at the same time have something to change and make an entirely new dish, so thats a far road for me!!!

  6. Dear Pavani,Sorry to hear about your intestinal inflection…..as even I just recovered from stomach infection, I can completely empathise with you dear…Do get well soon and hope to see you blogging again in pink of your health……Take care

  7. Hey Pavani, Sorry you haven’t been well, but hope you feel much better very soon. Look forward to seeing you again when you’re ready.And I must say someone who planned a year’s meals is really impressive. I don’t ever plan– I just get into the kitchen, look into the fridge, and go from there. Being organized doesn’t fit on my plate! 🙂

  8. I hope you get better soon! I hate being sick! but enjoy the pampering though! :)As for planning ahead, we partially did it. We wrote a list of breakfasts that we liked eating and I was given the ‘duty’ of randomly choosing from the list.I don’t know about cutting your grocery bill but sure as hell saved a lot of time as no more ‘what do you want for dinner?’ and ‘how we could make that but we don’t have X.’ Saved so much time in the mornings! I think I need to expand the plan to lunches and dinners and maybe plan for a month….a year is a bit extreme! Especially if i find new recipes on your site! ;)Looking forward to more posts!

  9. Hello Pavani. You seem to have had more than your share of problems…hope absolutely fit and fine now and back to your normal routine of working and eating :). All the best, take care!

  10. Your link took me to the article about Leslie who planned a food calendar for entire year. Sounds a bit crazy, but wow….seems to have saved her a lot of money. To me, it looks like the 8th wonder of the world – is it at all possible to do this?

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