September is always a happening month for me – both blog wise and personal front wise. Both my kids celebrate their birthdays, start of a new school year and then our blogging marathon group does the month long mega marathon. This year we did the Cooking carnival and we had to choose either an ingredient or category and post dishes according. I chose 5 Ingredients for 5 weeks and here’s a recap of all the dishes I made during the month.

Week 1: Cooking with Ancient Grains Flour

Week 2: Whole Grain Salads

Week 3: Vegetables in Snacks

Week 11: Baby Corn Roast

Day 15: Aloo Chaat

Week 4: Bread based Street Food

Day 17: Bunny Chow

Day 18: Dabeli

Day 19: Doner Kebab

Day 20: Mexican Torta

Day 21: Zapiekanka

Week 5: Fruit based Desserts

Day 23: Orange Posset

8 thoughts on “Cooking Carnival — A Recap”

  1. Seriously your themes are simply awesome and enjoyed thoroughly going on through your beautiful dishes Pavani. You shared so many delicious dishes to give a try soon. Kudos to u.

  2. This September you have rocked Pavani..the recipes are as always amazing ..very rustic and earthy set ups.Beautiful clicks !..and a list of bookmarks:))

  3. What an amazing learning journey for me.. right from ancient grains to wild rice and I can keep adding to this list.. wonderful.

  4. What a fantastic collection you created Pavani!..The one thing that came to mind is that you have not repeated any prop or!..and all the setups look so classic..what creativity..enjoyed reading all of them!..thank you for the efforts you take.

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