I’m one of those bloggers who waits for Asha’s Wednesday’s posts on Foodie’s Hope. She makes her posts funny and informative; she cooks almost any cuisine but keeps them simple and easy to make. Following are some of the recipes I tried from her blog for Tried & Tasted: Foodie’s Hope event being hosted by Ashwini @ Ashwini’s Spicy Cuisine.

Sorekai Bele Saaru: Yummy combination of sorakaya/ bottle gourd and toor dal. My son absolutely loved it.

Brown rice & Mixed lentil Adai: Addition of brown rice makes this already healthy dish even healthier.

Hurikadale (Dalia) Chutney: I usually make peanut chutney, but this is very tasty too.

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  1. I agree about Asha..such a talented blogger.Takes the effort to visit so many blogs and give her valuable comments.Her once-in-a-week posts are always a pleasure to read.I missed taking part in this event.The dishes which you have chosen from her blog are great.My fave among them is the mixed lentil Adai..:)

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