Khoba Roti (Rajasthani Moti Roti)

Recipe to make beautiful Rajasthani Khoba roti. In its most basic form, the rotis are rolled out into about 1/2″ thick and then the top is pinched with fingers in a circular pattern. Or you can get fancy like here and make a very intrinsic and beautiful pattern on the roti. It is usually served with a generous drizzle of ghee along with a curry or dal or any other spicy side dish.

Instant Rabdi with Malpua (Rajasthani Rabri Malpua)

Recipe to make Instant Rabri. This instant rabdi is the easiest dessert you could ever make. Recipe uses bread to thicken this rabdi/ rabri. I also used evaporated milk to make even more quick. Rabdi can be served just as is or it can be served along with malpua or jalebi or falooda. Serve it chilled or at room temperature for a yummy yummy dessert.

Rajasthani Goond ki Laddoo

I have never heard or saw edible gum/ goond until I had my son about 7 years ago. My MIL sent some laddoo made with various healthy flours and goond and said they are really nutritious and good for nursing mothers. Goond is an ‘edible gum’ extracted from the bark of a tree. It looks like a crystal and comes in quite a few colors and sizes. I was ecstatic to see it in the local Indian store and that too in couple of sizes (and price points). I bought a package and made these nutritious laddoos for the Rajasthani…