Rajasthani Vegetarian Thali

Rajasthan — Lunch Thali

Hearty and delicious Rajasthani Vegetarian Thali with Appetizer — Dal Pakoda
Breads — Missi Roti & Tawa pudi
Rice & accompaniments to go with rice — White rice with Kale Chana ki Kadhi
Curries: Panchmel Subzi, Subz Jaipuri, Dhana wadi/ Mung wadi cilantro curry
Sweets or Desserts: Goond ki Ladoo
Drinks: Chaas and Kesar Malai Lassi

Atte Ka Halwa (Wheat flour Halwa)

The second dish I made for this month’s International Food Challenge is Atte Ka Halwa. Big Thanks to our host Manjula for introducing us to these delicious Marwadi dishes. I really enjoyed making this quick and easy halwa. It has a chewy texture and melts in the mouth. We are all sweet lovers in the family, so the quantity of jaggery added to the halwa was less and it was not quite sweet for our taste buds. Next time when I make this halwa I will probably add 2~3tbsp more jaggery. But all in all this is a yummy halwa…

Moong Dal Kachori

I’m really late posting for last month’s International Food Challenge. Our host Manjula @ Desi Fiesta wanted us to explore the amazing Marwari cuisine. She gave us a wide variety of dishes from curries, rotis, halwas etc to try from. I wanted to try each and every one of her dishes, but as luck has it November got way too busy and I couldn’t cook even one dish. Finally this weekend I made 1 kachori and 1 halwa using Manjula’s recipes and loved them a lot. I made onion kachori a while back and so I tried making Moong dal…

Raj Kachori ~ Rajasthani Chaat Recipe

For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge, Valli & Vaishali wanted us to make Raj Kachori, a Rajathani chaat item. When Valli announced the challenge, I read the recipe and thought it was really elaborate with quite a few components to be prepared and then completely forgot about it. Then suddenly this past weekend I realized it was almost time to post for ICC and I didn’t make the dish. I knew I had no sooji in the pantry and gave up on the challenge. But when I checked again I found a small container of sooji (!!), I’m not even…

Rajasthani Gatte ki Biryani

Blogging Marathon: Week 2/ Day 5 Theme: Traditional Dishes Dish: Rajasthani Gatte ki Biryani I have been planning to make this dish for over a year. I wanted to make it for BM# 12 when Valli had a theme for Rajasthani dishes. It was when BM was for 7 days and I actually made 4-5 dishes, but had to opt out of the marathon because I started having some serious morning sickness in my initial stages of pregnancy. So finally got to make it for this week’s “traditional’ dishes.

Gajar ki Launji (Sweet & Sour Carrot Curry)

As I was thinking of Rajasthani recipes to make for the marathon, the first place I looked was Priya’s blog. Being from Rajasthan, Priya has some very authentic and rustic dishes that I’m sure are not featured on any restaurant menus. As I was browsing through her very long list of Rajasthani dishes, I saw the recipe for gajar ki launji. Since I didn’t have enough carrots to make the dish, I added the green pepper and the resultant curry was sweet, spicy and delicious. This dish takes about 15-20 minutes to put together and the major part of that…

Churme Ka Laddu

Churme ka laddu is a very famous Rajasthani delicacy. These are made with atta or whole wheat flour. Traditionally the dough is deep fried in ghee, low and slow until golden brown, then powdered and mixed with the sweetener and made into laddoos using more ghee. Since I try to minimize our ghee consumption, I found this healthier version of the laddoos on Sanjeeta’s blog and used her tip to bake the dough instead of deep frying. I used a little more ghee than the original recipe and the resultant laddoos are delicious with a melt in your mouth texture….

Dal Baati

It’s time for Blogging Marathon #12 and I chose “Rajasthani Specials” as my theme for this week. I’ve heard a lot about Rajasthani cuisine, but never tried to make any dishes myself. So when I saw Srivalli’s theme for this edition of the BM, I wanted to try as many delicious Rajasthani recipes as I can. For Day 1, I made the most famous dish from the Indian desert – “Dal Baati”. Recipe from a dear friend who shared her family recipe with me when I told her that I will be making Rajasthani dishes for my blog. Big thanks…

Missi Roti & Mixed veggie Curry

For some reason besan in roti sounds so yummy and I wanted to give these Missi rotis a try and the resulting rotis where so different from my regular plain rotis; you can taste the besan in the background and once they cool they have a chila kind of texture that I love. I adapted DK’s missi roti recipe. I made a mixed veggie curry with coconut milk; this recipe is also inspired from Vaishali’s carrot & peas curry with coconut milk. I used green tomatoes, broccoli, frozen green beans & peas. Here’s how I made it: