Braaibroodjie (South African Grilled Cheese)

Braaibroodjie is a sweet and delicious grilled cheese sandwich from South Africa. So today I have a fancy grilled cheese sandwich that is great to pack for lunch. It is called Braaibroodjie, (I gave up on trying to pronounce that word) and it is made widely in South Africa. Caramelized onions, sweet mango chutney and…

Vegan African Squash & Sweet Potato Stew

We have been having trouble with our electricity at home, thanks to the crummy contractor we hired to renovate our bathrooms a year ago. He messed up the internal wiring and now whenever we try to start the computer or run a vacuum, the fuse blows up. So had been away from the computer for the past 4-5 days. Hopefully we’ll have it fixed (with a licensed professional this time) very soon. Coming to today’s recipe, I never thought Peanut butter based dishes could be this tasty. I was ranting and raving about this dish ever since I tried it….