Finally I’m here with the Kid’s Delight-5 Ingredient Fix roundup. First off big thanks to Valli for letting me host the event. Thanks to all of you who have sent your delicious dishes to the event. My special thanks to my non-blogging friends and cousins who took time out of their busy schedules to cook, take pictures and write about their kid’s favorite dishes.

As Priya said in her email that this is not a tough theme, but it definitely makes you think about what we are feeding our kids. Basically my concept is ‘less is more’ and that holds good for kids food too. I’m so glad so many of you joined in to share these delicious kid friendly dishes. There might be some dishes that have more than 5 ingredients, but I let them slide since the whole point of the exercise is to have fun.

I think I’ve included all the entries that I received. If I missed your entry, I sincerely apologize and if you leave a comment on this post with the link, I will update the post with it. Thank you.

So without further ado, here are the entries:

First up is my dear friend Jyothy who sent 3 of her daughter’s favorites:

Carrot Rava Laddoo

 Sago Murukku (Saggubiyyam Murukulu)

Banana Mini Rounds

Next up is my cousin Pallavi who sent 2 delicious dishes that her daughters love.

Sabudhana Khichdhi (Sago Khichdi)

Chuduwa (Poha Mixture)

Next is my friend Himabindu, who sent a nutritious and delicious chutney.

Walnut Chutney:

Indira who sent this quick and easy Orange Jelly that she made for my niece.

Orange Jelly:

Chandrani @ Cuisine Delights sent her Baked Rasgullas.

Sharanya @ Just not the Cakes sent her Garlic Bread Biscuits.

Nayana @ Nayana’s Kitchen Kreations sent 5 entries:

Nilu @ Kitchen Serenity sent 4 entries:

Aam Panna“My son really enjoyed the drink.. For him it was an energy booster.. He always wants in after his school or after playing with friends.. He likes slowly sipping it through a straw… In my house this is called ‘Instant Magic’.”

Idli: “My son loves idlis with chutney. He doesn’t have sambar though. He always saves an idli or two and asks me to fry them for him in the evening snacks.”

Mango Lassi: “My son is a huge mango fan.. Especially Alphanso mangoes.. He loves to drink this lassi but in a different manner though. He will keep in in the freezer for half an hour and then lick it with his spoon when it becomes slightly icy.”

Strawberry Slush:”My son loves strawberry slush.. He likes to add lots of extra crushed ice in it.. And then have with a spoon.”

Krithi @ Krithi’s Kitchen sent 6 entries.

Mixed Fruit Jam:”Mixed fruit jam is a very simple and less time consuming dish prepared with fruits that we have in hand almost.It is very healthy dish for kids as there is no preservative or food coloring used.My daughter enjoyed eating this with spongy dosas as well as licking it alone :)”

Mango Saffron Smoothie:

Denise @ Oh Taste N See sent in 2 entries:

Mansi @ Aroma of Spices sent her Paalak Paneer Paratha. About the dish in her own words: “Baby A started going to formal school in April and I continued my pursuit for nutritious food that I could put in her tiffin box – which keeps her full till she reaches her daycare. One advantage on my side is that A loves methi and everything green for her is methi – even if it is spinach/ paalak or dhania/ coriander. So while methi paratha remained her favorite in winters – spinach came to my rescue as soon as summers arrived and methi disappeared from the market. This one is a spinach paratha, to which I add in ‘ever-available-in-delhi’ paneer.”

Valli @ Spicing your Life, the brain behind Kid’s Delight event sent 6 delicious kid approved entries:

Mango Kulfi with Palkova:”With the season on, I wanted to treat the kids with mangos. Kulfi was a wonderful option. My son enjoyed the mangoes as a kulfi!”

Almond Ice Cream:”Being so used to serving only chocolate flavour, ice cream with almond was a fresh change and my daughter loved the creamy texture.”

Chocolate Ice Cream with Readymade Ice Cream powder:”Nothing beats chocolate and it was same with this Chocolate icecream. My kids rushed for the second helping before I could even think much!”

Chocolate Sauce:”Needless to say this was relished as such before I could do some dishes to complete this.”

Almond Pista Shrikhand:”This was the first time my daughter was tasting a shrikhand and she was thrilled at the taste. For this hot weather, this is surely an easy dessert to whip up!”

Vanilla Ice Cream with Readymade Ice Cream Powder:”The expression that it tastes just like the shopwala, conveyed there was nothing going to be left!”

Harini @ Tamalapaku sent 4 entries:

Priya Srinivasan @ Enveetu Kitchen sent 4 entries:

Kesar Aam Ras/ Saffron Flavored Mango Pulp:

Dark Chocolate Peanut Fudge Using Jaggery:

Spiced Buttermilk/ Neer Mor:

Vanilla Pannacotta with Raspberry Coulis:

Umm Fathima @ My Kitchette Sent this healthy Raagi Hareera:

Pallavi Purani @ Eat Cook Burrp sent her Spinach Garlic Pizza Sauce:

Deepika @ My Life and Spice sent a very special dish Cheeni ka Paratha. Though it is very simple and easy to make, the dish has so many memories associated with it. Do read the post — it is lovely.

Jiya Jesh @ Blog Explore sent yummy Pasta Omelet.

Meenakshi @ Random Ponderings of a Working Mom sent yummy Cheese Pizza.

PJ @ Seduce your Tastebuds sent 3 entries.

Finally my 5 entries.

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  1. oh my god, oh my god, oh my god :-)so many recipes only with 5 ingredients, the whole page has to be bookmarked.. congratulations Pavani for this lovely round upits a huge success..

  2. OMG Pavani, that’s one awesome collection!…And so glad that your friends and cousins sent in so many, especially with such lovely pictures to boot!..loved each and every picture in this collection…will surely check them all..thanks for taking time to host this event, you surely made everybody think with the theme..

  3. OMG Pavani! What a round up! First of all, thanks for posting my recipe here – I am honored. Next, thanks so much for this event – I am so glad to see so many shakes, icecreams and coolers figure here. North India is sizzling under a heat wave and what more can I ask for! Cheers! [email protected] of Spices

  4. Lovely Round up Pavani. So many dishes to look through. glad that the long weekend’s around the corner!

  5. I remember commenting on this post from my mobile!!! Was it lost??? Anyways,i m eyeing your Flower pot dessert!!! 🙂 Thanks for the mention in your post!!! Lovely roundup!!! 🙂

  6. So many delicious kids approved dishes! You chose an excellent theme Pavani and a great job compiling the whole lot 🙂

  7. Wow this is a treasure chest. Love the roundup and the fab recipes.Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

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