I was out on vacation just for one week, but it feels like I’ve been gone for months both at home and at work. Projects and things have been piling up and it’ll probably take another week to sort everything through. But first things first I wanted to post the entries for Tried & Tasted: Fat Free Vegan being hosted by lovely Vaishali (@ Holy Cow) and for Monthly Blog Patrol: Mango Masti being hosted by Neha (@ Easy n Tasty Recipes).

Strawberry Snack Cake: I’m a frequent visitor to Susan’s fat free vegan blog. Her recipes are simple-no fuss, no mess type; great for me as I’m always looking for recipes that are quick & easy to make on a weeknight. So when Vaishali T & T: Fat free vegan, I was a happy camper. I have made a lot of Susan’s recipes before but never took pictures and for the event I had time to make only one recipe, Strawberry Snack cake.

I wanted to use up the strawberries I had on hand and this recipe sounded quick and easy. I didn’t have Cake flour on hand and so substituted it with regular all-purpose flour and corn starch and it worked just fine. (FYI—recipe called for 1¾ cups of Cake flour; I used 1½ cups AP flour & 3½ tbsp of corn starch.) It tasted awesome and I refrigerated the leftovers and enjoyed them for an afternoon snack. T&T is the brain child of Zlamushka @ Burnt mouth.

Sticky Rice with Mangoes: I followed SJ’s(@ Masala Vade) recipe to the T and it turned out delicious. My husband is always yapping about how delicious this dish is and how well they make it in Thailand, so I figured its time for me to try it. I absolutely loved it and so did my husband. We’ll be making it often now. Thanks SJ. Coffee @ Spice Café is the brain behind MBP.

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  1. Even I was eyeing her strawberry snack cake. But that day I was not able to find strawberries. Both look awesome.

  2. Oh my last minute and you made it perfectly my god if you had all the time you would made a great feast for all of us 🙂 the cake looks so yummy and mouthwatering!!!

  3. Hi Pavani, thank you sweetie.Great to hear from you and your trip to Europe went well. Me too! Feels like I have been away for 2 yrs! ;DSo nice to be back home though and recovering fast, feels like I have been hit by a truck, should have gone to India in December. Meaning to spend as much time as possible with Trisha although we are 1 hr away.Take care and see you in Fall! 🙂

  4. What a delicious trio of treats, Pavani. I’ll be posting the T&T roundup soon. Thanks for sending this gorgeous cake.

  5. Thanks for the cake, Pavani 🙂 Thanks for participating T&T event. I hope you ll get a chance to come up with something delish for T&T Jue as well, the Blog of The Month is Meena of Hooked on Heat 🙂

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