Had a nice little get together with couple of our friends on Saturday with some Mexican food. Menu: spinach quesadillas, three-bean chili, chocolate cake, guacamole & salsa. Our friend was kind enough to bring some home made rotis and black-eyed peas subzi. No pictures of the food, sorry, we were too busy chowing down that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of all the food.

We had a good time eating, gossiping and watching “A Wednesday” movie. It has been a long time that we watched any Indian movie. It was refreshing to watch a movie that was very well made with no songs, fights, but will keep you thinking while watching and even after. Here’s a picture of leftover chili the next day.

Sunday was spent entirely on leftovers; I didn’t turn on the stove for the whole day. No.. actually I’m lying, I had to turn on the stove to make dosas with leftover idli batter. But you get the point, I practically didn’t cook anything this weekend, not even for my poor son.

Well things have changed and the fridge is empty with nothing to offer, so I have to start cooking today. OK then.. 10 more days of vegan mofoing and I’m off to India for a really short vacation, have started counting down the days already. Have a great week guys..

By the way, I didn’t notice but I just crossed my 200 posts milestone. Will celebrate it this week with something special.

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