Here are some pics of my container garden. I have a total of 5 pots: 2 with flowers and 3 with basil, lemon basil and methi. I’m happy with the way things are going with these plants and I want to plant some more. But is it too late to plant herbs like chives or dill?? Can someone please advise.. Thank you guys..

Flower Pots



Lemon Basil


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  1. it’s not too late. we have snow five months a year and in our part of the world we have started planting herbs just now. don’t start from seed. get saplings from the nursery.

  2. your garden looks pretty…wanted to have a similar one in my apartment, but not possible with a toddler around..

  3. Hi Pavani,

    You can plant herbs now. Dont start from seeds but you can buy saplings from the garden stores. You can grow methi, kothimir (cilantro, dhaniya)though from seeds. I see you have a nice garden. All the best and happy harvesting.

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