Lately I’ve started expanding my pantry staples with items that I have never used before. Here are some items that are new in my pantry/ fridge: Vital wheat gluten, Nutrition Yeast, Flax seed meal, Miso, Wheat Germ.

I made Seitan with Vital wheat gluten and nutrition yeast with Seitan O’ Greatness recipe from here. This is a very versatile dish and you use any seasonings to make it your own. I added some cumin pd, coriander pd, pinch of turmeric. My husband thought it tasted a little bit like chicken, but it did not have the texture of chicken.

To use, just sauté in little bit of oil and you can use it in million different ways. Freeze the unsautéed seitan in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, it makes quick and easy BLD (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) recipes, so always make the complete recipe even if you are making for two.

I made Seitan Curry with mixed vegetables and coconut milk with half of the log (no pics.. sorry) and used half of the rest in wraps (lavash wrap smeared with mayo and filled with seitan, rice, onions, tomatoes and spinach).

I’m still snacking on the rest of the sautéed seitan. So good.. yummmmm..

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  1. Hi Arundathi, Seitan is dense and chewy not crumbly like tofu. Its very healthy and nutritious too. Try it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Thanks Divya.

  2. you made seitan? thanks for the link. it looks quote simple. i use all these ingredients often. miso is a great multipurpose ingredient. i use it in soups and instead of salt in dips, etc.

  3. Hi Bee, Try the seitan recipe. Its simple to make and is very versatile. I havent used miso much yet, I’m still trying to find some recipes. Using in soups and dips does sound interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

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