I’m a frequent visitor to Suganya’s blog; for her recipes definitely, but also mostly to gawk at her snatch-from-the-monitor worthy pictures.

I have tried quite a number of recipes from Tasty Palettes before, but I have not taken pictures of them. But I made sure took pictures for this month’s Tried & Tested event being hosted by Sweatha @ Tasty Curry Leaf. Tried & Tested is the brain child of Zlamushka @ Burntmouth.

First of is Sweet Ragi Dosa. These dosas are sweet, but not overly so and my son absolutely loved them. Will be making more of these.

Lentil Fattoush: One of my colleagues was kind enough to bring me Sumac from a middle-eastern market. This fattoush turned out awesome, very flavorful and filling. The only change I made was to use avocado instead of cucumber. This will also made again.


10 thoughts on “Tried & Tested – Tasty Palettes”

  1. Great choice for T&T,I agree with you.Suganyas blog is indeed a treasure house of recipes and even if we manage to re-create her recipes,I doubt if we would be able to click pictures which matches hers..;-)Ragi dosa looks delicious!!

  2. Yay, you tried ragi dosa. It sure is a sweet way to sneak nutrition into kids meal. I was addicted to Fattoush salad last summer. Little cooking means no slaving near the hot stove 🙂

  3. Hi Pavani, the dosa looks fabbo 🙂

    thanks for participating T&T in March. I hope I ll see you around this month as well.

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